Today I will be live blogging from REACT – a one day call to men to become leaders who will leave a legacy and impact their families and churches for Christ!

This event is part of an organization called Real Momentum.  Started by Keith Boggs, this ministry is designed to unleash men to become all God has created them to be.  Make sure you click HERE and download their app.

The morning’s first speaker was Dr. Johnny Hunt, the wonderful Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock (GA).  The following are 62 leadership quotes on the power of influence from his amazing session:

  1. If we don’t own our manhood someone else will. – Keith Boggs
  2. The word “influence” means the power to change or affect someone.
  3. God uses us to impact others.
  4. We can influence people for bad or good.
  5. You cannot lead people you do not influence.
  6. Everyone of you got to where you are because someone influenced you.
  7. People who excel at something can rarely tell you how to do something. – Peter Drucker
  8. Platforms are established because of the way the Lord used someone.
  9. You teach what you know. You reproduce what you are.
  10. The platform God has given me is the platform of exhortation.
  11. More lives are influenced by emulation than exhortation.
  12. If your lives connect with other people you have influence.
  13. Every man is a hero or oracle to someone. And that person has enhanced value. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  14. If you know what you got and like it, be reluctant to leave it. – Homer Lindsey
  15. There is no such thing as great work without longevity.
  16. The stewardship of influence. What have you done with influence?
  17. If God gives you a platform where you’re influencing others, you need to steward it well.
  18. You should use your influence to help other platforms succeed.
  19. There will be people the old flesh will rise up and wonder why God blessed them. But no one will ever be envious on God’s blessings on their children.
  20. Integrity – No one will ever use conjuctions talking about you. “He is a good preacher…..but…..”
  21. Character is made in the small moments of our lives. – Phillip Brooks
  22. If I take care of my character, my reputation will take of itself. – Moody
  23. Integrity gives. It is not a taker.
  24. The enemy will hit you in your area of strength to discourage himself.
  25. You’re never more like Jesus than when you’re giving.
  26. Influence is not the same as authority. Authority can be abused by influence gives.
  27. Authority leads through position. Influence builds others out of relationship.
  28. Some people are into position, not the mission.
  29. Character is what you know you are. Reputation is what others think you are.
  30. Granddaddy can pick up a phone and call anyone in the world and they will take his call. But he doesn’t know it. – Billy Graham’s grandson
  31. Influence is about being genuine.
  32. Influence requires humility. The essence of influence is others. The key word is relationships.
  33. Influencers connect with others before they take them anywhere.
  34. Influencers influence people and the people who they influence.
  35. God may not allow you to touch thousands but He may allow you to touch one who will touch thousands.
  36. Everyone wants to connect with someone who people think is someone.
  37. To influence others must keep growing themselves.
  38. You can’t lead people you don’t believe in.
  39. Jesus Christ was the ultimate influencer. My life has been influenced by Jesus more than anyone else.
  40. Before I met Jesus I wanted to be a professional pool player.
  41. Influencers are dreamers. They are leaders with a vision.
  42. Vision sees what could be.
  43. If you don’t see it before you see it, you’ll never see it.
  44. Influencers refuse to leave the world they way they found it. They leave a legacy.
  45. The #1 reasons are unsuccessful is their inability to lead themselves. – Truett Cathy
  46. Some people you speak to you speak into their heads. It’s logical.
  47. The emotional people…You tap into people’s hearts.
  48. Everyone needs someone to believe in.
  49. Most people don’t believe in themselves.
  50. Most people don’t have someone to believe in them.
  51. I believe in people.
  52. Most people know who believes in them.
  53. When you believe in someone, they will do anything and everything to live up to those who believe in.
  54. Pastors spend a good bit of time helping people with their sin. Who helps them with their sin?
  55. You have to believe in them now. Christ believed in you when there was nothing to believe in.
  56. Everyone loves winners. You look for things to praise with those you believe in.
  57. Identify with failures in others by listing yours.
  58. I’ve never missed anything I’ve given away.
  59. Show more interest in their story than your own.
  60. The blessing of influence is helping others succeed. It is lifting up Christ with your established platform.
  61. If you be faithful as an influencer, God will allow those you mentored you to become your mentees.
  62. Everyone has influence.  Use it wisely.

The next session will be conducted by Dr. Crawford Loritts from Fellowship Bible Church.  I cannot wait!

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