Christian leadership can be very hard.  It can be so hard in fact that failures, mistakes, missteps and misfortune are often part of the journey.

How should you handle it as a Christian leader when life’s challenges arise?  Some of the answers are found in the posts below.  Many of the articles below deal with coming back from serious challenges.

Make sure you bookmark these posts and revisit them often.

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of November 16th:

  1. Here’s A Smart Way To Make Changes In Your Church by Mark Adair
  2. 5 Lessons To Learn From Large Canadian Churches by Rich Birch
  3. 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Kara Tippetts by Jill Buteyn via
  4. The Sexy Wife I Cannot Be by Mary DeMuth
  5. 7 Times I Submit To People I Should Be Leading by Ron Edmondson
  6. Get Nervous Before Preaching?  3 Remedies by Brandon Kelley
  7. 7 Ways To Recover As A Leader After You Messed Up by Carey Nieuwhof
  8. The Pastor’s Time On Sunday Morning by Dan Reiland
  9. 5 Mistakes Pastors Make On Social Media by Ed Stetzer
  10. Do These 4 Steps Lead To A Pastor’s Moral Failure? by Charles Stone

Well that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great posts did you read?

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