Tonight Passion 2016 began simultaneously from two locations in Atlanta and one in Houston.  It you are unfamiliar with Passion, it is a gathering of over 40,000 18-25 year olds with the sole purpose of making the name of Jesus famous.  Over 1,600 campuses were represented.

The three-day event began with words from Passion’s founder Louie Giglio.  His challenging session from Matthew 28:1-6 encouraged those in attendance to no longer be victims because of Jesus is risen!

The following are 40 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Louie Giglio – Passion 2016:

  1. It is not fiber optics that links us together. It is the Spirit of Jesus.
  2. The King of the universe. I am on his radar tonight.
  3. This Word has an assignment.
  4. I like different. The same is real boring to me.
  5. “It is finished.” The work is done.
  6. God’s salvation plan was finished.
  7. The saddest of all realities is to live as if the work of God is not done.
  8. When God shows up, people who think they have great might just melt when they are in the presence of His great power.
  9. “Do not be afraid” are always the words God uses when He is about to do something great.
  10. You may not have ever been in the presence of something great if you have not heard the words “Do not be afraid.”
  11. When God moves people are afraid.
  12. He Is Risen. He actually did rise.
  13. The stone wasn’t rolled about to let Jesus out.
  14. The angel moved the stone to let us in to see what God has done.
  15. When we investigate the resurrection we’re going to see Jesus is alive.
  16. What moved the stone was grace. God is not inviting you to come and do. But to come and see.
  17. The Gospel is God has done the work.
  18. No one bore 1% of our sin and shame. He bore it all.
  19. The possibility of a personal relationship with God is now a reality for everyone in this room.
  20. Jesus is alive and He is accessible tonight to anyone wanting a relationship with Him.
  21. We have a new identity and a new mindset because the stone has rolled away.
  22. The enemy wants to relegate this reality to one holiday a year.
  23. Easter isn’t a one day thing…It’s to be celebrated every time we open our eyes.
  24. We’re in a generation of victims.
  25. He was our victim.
  26. He is in our midst as a victor.
  27. When you get to Heaven, He’s not going to say, “It was rough.” He’s going to say, “Welcome.”
  28. The scars are there because the wounds have healed.
  29. It would be sad if we lived our lives as if in fact the stone was still there.
  30. If I’m going to fully embrace what God has done I’m going to have to get low to see what God has done.
  31. Jesus walked out limp-free. It’s possible I can walk in that same victory.
  32. We are moving from the story of the victim to the story of the Victor.
  33. We all have a past. But in one moment in time everything about you changed.
  34. All of humanity is in the concussion protocol. We’ve all been knocked senseless.
  35. I am more than a conqueror in Christ. I am the head and not the tail. I am loved and not abandoned. I am safe at home and not in fear.
  36. What the enemy did to me, God healed in me.
  37. Jesus says, “I am greater than everything you’ve been through. I have the power to put broken hearts back together again…I can free you from the past.”
  38. Our message at Passion is He has risen!
  39. He is here to set prisoners free.
  40. He took all the keys when He left hell.

Just an amazing message.  I can’t wait for the rest of the conference.

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