Vision is a gift solely given to leaders.  Vision is what marks you as the leader.  Vision tells those following you, “We are going somewhere.  We are headed towards a better tomorrow.  Follow me!”

Regardless of the profession, no one communicates leadership principles better than Andy Stanley, the founder of North Point Ministries.  This includes the subject of vision.

Andy has written an incredible book on this important topic entitled Making Vision Stick.  In this book, Andy gives practical advice on how to construct, communicate, multiply, celebrate and live out the vision God has given you for your organization.

This book should be in every leader’s resource library.  Below are just a few of the many insights from the book on the subject of vision.  Make sure you pick up your copy by clicking HERE or on the image above.

The following are 27 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Andy Stanley On Making Vision Stick:

  1. “Vision doesn’t stick without constant care and attention.”
  2. “One of the greatest challenges of leadership is making vision stick.  Vision doesn’t have much adhesive.”
  3. “The three primary obstacles to making vision stick are success, failure, and everything in between.”
  4. “Success lures us into taking our hands off the wheel.  Failure causes us to overcorrect.”
  5. “Complexity can kill the original vision.”
  6. “Vision is about what could be and should be, but life is about right this minute.”
  7. “It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that people understand and embrace the vision of the organization.”
  8. “When a leader blames the follower for not following, the leader has ceased to lead.  If the followers don’t get it, we probably haven’t delivered the vision in a way that makes it get-able.”
  9. “It is better to have a vision statement that is incomplete and memorable than to have on that is complete and forgettable.”
  10. “If the vision is too complicated for people to embrace, nothing changes.”
  11. “To cast a convincing vision, you have to define the problem that your vision addresses.”
  12. “Every vision is a solution to a problem.”
  13. “A leader points the way to a solution and gives a compelling reason why something must be done now.”
  14. “Casting a convincing vision once is not enough to make it stick.  Twice isn’t enough, either.  Vision needs to be repeated regularly.”
  15. “To make vision stick, a leader needs to pause long enough to celebrate the wins along the way.  Celebrating the wins does more to clarify the vision than anything else.”
  16. “What’s celebrated is repeated.  The behaviors that are celebrated are repeated.  The decisions that are celebrated are repeated.  The values that are celebrated are repeated.”
  17. “Celebrations trump motivational speeches every time.”
  18. “I’m convinced baptisms do more to drive home our vision than anything else we do.”
  19. “Your willingness to embody the vision of your organization will have a direct impact on your credibility as a leader.”
  20. “My passion comes and goes, but my commitment to what we are doing never wanes.”
  21. “Vision drift is slow.  In many cases, it begins with the introduction of something new to the organization.”
  22. “Vision, not people’s random ideas, should determine programming.”
  23. “The questions people ask, the stories they tell or don’t tell, and the things they complain about communicate a great deal about the stickiness of your vision.  Questions communicate values.”
  24. “Complaints are like questions.  They communicate what a person values.”
  25. “Stories reveal a great deal about what’s on the minds and hearts of the people in an organization.”
  26. “We pray for what we are most burdened for.  If nobody in my leadership circle requests prayer for someone who is far from God, that’s a big red flag for me.”
  27. “Making your vision stick requires bold leadership.  It will require you to develop a healthy intolerance for those things that have the potential to impede your progress.”

As you can see, this book will help you understand, craft and deliver vision more effectively.  Click HERE to pick up your copy of Andy’s book Making Vision Stick.

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