Few things are as sad and disappointing as when a leader falls.  Oftentimes, it is completely unnecessary and avoidable.  But are there warning signs to the demise of a leader?  Can a leader turn it around.  The answer is YES!!!

In today’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, writer Emily Kaplan chronicled the demise of former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.  You can read her full article by clicking here.  Emily’s insights give us 11 Practices Of Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall:

  1. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Remove Accountability – In July ’15, Manziel hired his high school offensive coordinator, Julius Scott to move in with him and become his pseudo-life coach.  After showing significant signs of improvement, Manziel dismissed him near the end of summer.  By midseason, Manziel had returned to all his destructive behaviors.
  2. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Do Not Have Boundaries – Since January, Manziel has been spotted at nightclubs from Miami to Los Angeles.
  3. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Ignore The Sound Counsel In Their Lives – A former coach said, “When he had LeBron James as a mentor, texting him all the time, hanging out at his house watching football, and Johnny didn’t listen to his advice? That’s when I knew he had a problem.”
  4. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Have A Previous Pattern Of Bad Behavior – The best indicator of future performance is past performance.  A high school friend said, “We’ve been through so much. But no matter what happens, we always seem to figure it out. He always seems to end up OK.”
  5. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Have Simply Irrational Behavior – Maniel disappeared shortly before the Browns’ final home game.  He was spotted in Las Vegas with a blonde wig and glued-on mustache.  He told people his name was Billy.
  6. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Are Not Resilient – After Manziel was benched after a week 2 victory, it was said he disengaged and started the downward spiral.
  7. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Are Irresponsible – Manziel began arriving for meetings late and as Kaplan reports, “according to a Browns source, sometimes sleeping off hangovers in the back of equipment rooms.”
  8. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Are Unprepared – As a back-up Manziel would do the absolute minimum during practice each week.  When he was called into game action, he was simply not ready.  A former Browns coach said, “[So] when he was thrust into [the starter’s] role, it became very clear he had no idea what was going on.  He went out there and had no clue.”
  9. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Lack Competencies For Their Job – The playbook had to simplified for Manziel to a point where one Browns source said, “You or I could have lined up under center.”
  10. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Surround Themselves With Poor Quality Individuals – Birds of a feather flock together.  Manziel’s friends back in Texas proved to be accelerates to his misguided behavior.
  11. Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall Embarrass The Organization – Manziel’s constant partying during his downtime and then assault allegations against former girlfriend Colleen Crowley were the final straws.

Johnny Manziel should be a cautionary tale for all leaders.  He had every opportunity for success and squandered the opportunity.  Let’s hope he turns his life around.  And if you are practicing any of the 11 behaviors listed above, let’s hope you turn it around as well.

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