Tonight I saw the premier of the latest big budget comic book movie Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.  It’s big.  It’s loud.  A lot of shiny stuff blows up.  So as a guy, it was an enjoyable two+ hours.  However, if you rate the Top 10 comic book movies ever, this will not make the list.  So make sure you keep your expectations at a proper level.  It will ultimately not stand out.

I enjoyed the very intense Ben Affleck as Batman.  But Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of the completely blasphemous Lex Luthor pushes the lines of Superman being God and killing God too much for my taste.  Also, when Doomsday comes on the scene, things completely break down from a storyline perspective.

That being said, if you just want two+ hours of escapism entertainment, you could do a lot worse.

The following are 24 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Batman v Superman:

  1. Brave People Run Toward Buildings Others Are Running Away From – In one of the movie’s opening scenes, Bruce Wayne is running into mass destruction in an attempt to save lives.
  2. All Leaders Must Welcome Accountability Into Their Lives – A villager said, “He answers to no one” when referring to Superman’s involvement in an African rescue attempt.
  3. Great Leaders Are Resilient – Alfred told Wayne, “Even you got too old to die young.”
  4. Smart Leaders Know How Little Control They Really Have – Alfred continued, “The feeling of powerlessness turns good men cruel.”
  5. Leaders Want To Lead – And it frustrates them when they can’t.  Luther said, “The bittersweet pain amongst men is having knowledge with no power.”
  6. Bad Memories Can Cause Leaders To Be Over-Protective – Wayne told Clark Kent, “I have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.”
  7. The Truth About Our Position Before God – The sad reality is when we try to mold God into an image of what we think He should be, we have in fact made ourselves the Creator God.  God will not be molded to fit into our plans.  We are to be molded to fit into His.  Senator Finch said, “We have been looking for a savior…and we try to make him abide by our rules.”
  8. What Happens When You Don’t Put Jesus First – “Human beings have a poor record of following powerful men.”
  9. Why Were There Two GDs???? – Completely unnecessary and inappropriate for a comic book movie!!!  Very disappointed in the language.
  10. A Sign Of Maturity Is Be Willing To Let Go – Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) said, “Little boys have no inclination to share.”
  11. All Leaders Have Weaknesses – On their initial encounter, Batman said to Superman, “Do you bleed?  You will.”
  12. Leaders Are Known By Their Character And Actions – Superman’s mother Martha Kent said, “People hate what they don’t understand but they see who you are and what you do.”
  13. The Only Use Of Power Is To Serve Others – Luthor said, “The oldest line in America is that power can be an asset.”
  14. Leaders Must Be Both Aware And Self-Aware – After an explosion, Superman said, “I didn’t see it (bomb) because I wasn’t looking.”
  15. Even The Best Leaders Improve With Training – Batman went through a grueling training process to fight Superman.
  16. Experienced Leaders Care About Their Legacy – Don’t kid yourself or have false modesty.  Leaders want to make a lasting impact with their lives.  When getting ready to fight Superman, Wayne said, “Criminals are like weeds.  Pull one up and another grows in its place.  This is about the future.  This is my legacy.”
  17. Relationships Matter – “I’m a friend of your son’s.” – Batman to Kent as he was saving her.
  18. The Best Leaders Are Reluctant Leaders – Wonder Woman took awhile to enter the fight with Doomsday.  But when she did, she was ready.  Be careful of individuals who seek the spotlight.
  19. Leaders Must Care About People More Than Their Assignment – Superman told Lois Lane during the climatic battle scene, “This is my world.  You are my world.” Now MAJOR SPOILER **** DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW ****
  20. People Honor What People See  – After Superman dies, Prince says, “They don’t know how to honor him except as a soldier.”
  21. The Natural Default Mode Of Leaders Is Isolation – Wayne observed, “Man made a world where standing together is impossible.”
  22. Leaders Are Dealers Of Hope – Wayne continues, “We can rebuild.  We can do better.”
  23. Leaders Are Always Looking Forward – The movie introduced us to future characters like Aquaman and strongly foreshadowed Justice League movies.
  24. Make Sure You Leave People With A Good Taste In Their Mouth – There were no post-credit clips.  Very disappointing for the dozens of us waiting to get a glimpse of future films.  I bet Captain America: Civil War will have at least two post-credit scenes.

In closing, if you go see Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, relax and have a good time.  Just accept the movie for what it is and have fun.  No Academy Awards.  But worth $11.25.

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