Yesterday I wrote the post An Open Letter To Pastors. You Are Loved And Respected.  It has since gone viral.  This is because ministry is hard and pastors have it tough.  They need encouragement.

Pastors also need insights on how to go to the next level of ministry.  Yesterday I encouraged pastors.  Today, along with 10 great writers, I will help equip them.

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of March 28th:

  1. 7 Common Frustrations That Cripple Pastors by Matt Adair
  2. 6 Rules For Leading With Intention by Greg Atkinson
  3. What If Pastors Were Like Some Politicians? by Kurt Bubna
  4. If You’re Interested In Growing Beyond The 100 Barrier by Brandon A. Cox
  5. Thoughts On Following A Legendary Leader by Mike Linch
  6. Riding In Cars With Preachers by Dr. Joe McKeever
  7. 4 Vital Considerations When Considering A Church Job Change by Sam Murray via
  8. Highway To Hell: I Wouldn’t Do It Again by the doubling-down Perry Noble
  9. 6 Tips On How Pastors Can Help Others Discover Their Spiritual Gifts by Charles Stone
  10. The Real Reason Pastors Are So Worn Out by Justin Trapp

Well, that is my Top 10, excuse me 11.  What other great posts did you read this week?

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