Conflict.  Can I confess I hate that word?  I don’t understand people who have the ability to just “go at it” and be laughing five minutes later.

Yes, I’m a people pleaser.  “People pleasing” has to be a term developed by dysfunctional and angry people who don’t get along with anyone and tried to make the rest of us feel bad.  After all, what’s wrong with wanting to please people?  People pleasers don’t have a problem.  It’s the people who don’t please people that have problems.  I’ve seen a lot of them over the years and I have a word for them – unemployed.

So People Pleasers – Unite!!!

BUT, as much as it pains me I have to admit you conflict people are right.  Conflict done well makes everyone and every organization better.  But they are called tough conversations because they are tough.

If you struggle with conflict like I do, this week’s Top 10 list will help you.  The articles deal with tough issues and how to handle them.  Make sure you bookmark these posts.

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of April 4th:

  1. Where There’s A Huddle There’s A Team by Paul Alexander
  2. The Hidden Dangers Of Leading From Emotional Extremes by Scott Cochrane
  3. Enough by Michele Cushatt
  4. Writers And Speakers: Do We Need A New Kind Of Mentorship by Mary DeMuth
  5. 10 Things Which Drive Me Crazy In Leadership by Ron Edmondson
  6. Have Evangelicals Who Support Trump Lost Their Values? by Russell Moore by The New York Times
  7. 5 Differences Between Church Shoppers And The Unchurched by Carey Nieuwhof
  8. The Benefit Of A Church Crisis by Joshua Reich
  9. Early Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Staff Member by Dan Reiland
  10. Georgia Is Being Governed By Demetrius The Silversmith by Jay Sanders via the Christian Index – as good a post as you will ever read.

Well, that is my Top 10, excuse me 11.  What other great posts did you read this week?

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