Today I am being dispatched by Injoy Stewardship Solutions to attend Leadercast.  In an effort to grow in my personal growth and better add value to pastors and church leaders, I will be live blogging throughout.

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The day’s first speaker was the incomparable Andy Stanley.  As a communicator, author, and pastor, Andy founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995. Today, NPM is comprised of six churches in the Atlanta area and a network 30 churches around the globe, collectively serving nearly 70,000 people weekly.  The following are 33 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from his amazing session on vision and clarity:

  1. We want integrity. We want honesty. We want somebody who will do what they say they will do.
  2. Integrity – that is not what we actually follow. We value integrity. But we follow clarity.
  3. The good news is you can have both.
  4. If you just have integrity, you will do OK.
  5. If you learn to harness clarity you will learn how to split the world in half.
  6. When you divorce clarity from integrity, clarity wins the day every single time.
  7. Clarity is magnetic.
  8. In all leadership environments there is uncertainty. But the person who steps into uncertainty with clarity becomes the leader.
  9. People forgive leaders who make mistakes who are clear.
  10. Revolutions don’t usually go very well.
  11. Trump’s campaign slogan has an element of emotion.
  12. Clarity is powerful. Clarity covers a multitude of sins.
  13. Elections are not honesty contests. Elections are not even promise competitions. We vote for the candidate who is the clearest about the things we hold dearest.
  14. Vision is a mental picture of a what… It is not a mental picture of a how.
  15. A compelling what-statement gathers the momentum you need to figure out the how.
  16. A vision is a mental picture of what could be fueled by conviction it should be.
  17. A vision is a picture of a preferred future.
  18. Clarity results in influence which is the essence of leadership.
  19. Vision – state it simply. Paragraphs and complex sentences do not stick.
  20. Memorable is portable.
  21. Incomplete and memorable is better than complete and forgettable.
  22. Keep it short. Vision is about what not how.
  23. Your product and division is a solution to a problem.
  24. We create churches unchurched people want to attend.
  25. Non-profits have an easier time connecting clarity with prosperity. The clearer you are the easier it is to raise money.
  26. When you hire someone, you hire their hands and part of their brain. You want to engage their heart. A paycheck doesn’t engage the heart. Vision engages the heart.
  27. You’ve got to state the problem. Offer a solution (vision). Explain why.
  28. “Why” is where you find your inspiration.
  29. Business moves at the speed of information and we speed up information.
  30. Present your vision as the solution to a problem that must be addressed mow.
  31. Vision leaks. Vision doesn’t stick. You have to make it simple. It must be conversational.
  32. What is rewarded is repeated.
  33. If you reward the wrong things, people will do the wrong things.

We are off to a great start.  Up next is Kat Cole.


As previously mentioned, INJOY Stewardship Solutions would like to offer you the FREE resource Breaking The Next Growth Barrier: 10 Things Pastors Can Do To Break Down Growth Barriers.  Click HERE or on the image to the left for your complimentary copy.


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