Jeff Henderson often says, “Leadership comes with a microphone.”  This is because at some point in everyone’s leadership you must stand up and say, “Here’s where we are going.  Follow me!”

Therefore, your leadership capacity is largely determined by your ability to communicate a clear, crisp, and compelling vision.  If you want to know how to communicate in a more effective fashion, this week’s Top 10 list is for you.

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The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of May 30th:

  1. 27% Of Leading Churches’ Websites Fail Important Google Test by Rich Birch
  2. No Secrets (The Challenge And Power Of Transparency) by Kurt Bubna
  3. Spending Money Wisely – The Most Powerful Question We Can Ask by Rob Cizek
  4. How To Really Mess Up Your Speaking Event by Trisha Davis at Leading And Loving It
  5. 10 Tips To Recovering From Major Disappointments In Life by Ron Edmondson
  6. 9 Of The Best Communication Tips For Churches by Steve Fogg
  7. 7 Reasons Why Small Churches Get Stuck by Tony Morgan
  8. 5 Ways To Battle The Never-Ending Worship Wars by Carey Nieuwhof
  9. Encouragement Is 51% Of Leadership by Dan Reiland
  10. How To Make A Sermon Stick Past Sunday by Clarence E. Stowers

Well, that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great posts did you read?

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