So many times we see everything wrong with leadership.  Dysfunction.  Poor performance.  Bad people skills.  Anger.  However, this week we saw the very opposite.  We saw everything right about leadership.

The story of J.D. Greear removing his name from the candidacy of the Southern Baptist Convention presidency will be long remembered by all those in attendance.  For the reasons why, click 10 Leadership Lessons From J.D. Greear’s Concession Speech At The Southern Baptist Convention.

J.D.’s personal thoughts on his announcement are included below as well as other top articles all leaders should read.  Make sure you check them out and share with your team.

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of June 13th:

  1. SEX GONE WRONG! (The Reasons, The Costs, And The Keys To Avoiding Catastrophe) by Kurt Bubna
  2. 4 Leadership Messages I Would Give To Every College Graduate by Scott Cochrane
  3. 5 Reasons This Pastor Attends Church While On Vacation by Ron Edmondson
  4. A Case Study: 3 Insights We Learn From The Brock Turner Case by Tim Elmore via
  5. Why I Am Voting For Steve Gaines As President Of The SBC by J.D. Greear
  6. You Need Non-Negotiable Sermon Prep Time by Joe Hoagland via
  7. 7 Warning Signs Your Heart Is Growing Hard In Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof
  8. 5 Things I Learned From 37 Seminary Students by Dan Reiland
  9. Pivot: How One Simple Word Can Change Your Life by Clarence E. Stowers
  10. 3 Mistakes Young Communicators Make by Mike Welch

Well, that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great posts did you read?

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