One thing the readers of this site reminded me of this past month was they LOVE pastors and churches.  During the month of June I dedicated over a dozen posts to Apex Leaders, those who are the best at what they do.  As I studied their leadership practices and behaviors, I thought it was some of the most interesting writing I had done.

But what you wanted and read the most were profiles of pastors and churches.  The lesson from June – LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE!!!  It is not that complicated.  The top four posts of June focused on church leaders.  The complete list is below.

The following are The Top 10 Most Read Leadership Posts Of June 2016 as determined by you the readers:

  1. 27 Reasons Why Life.Church Led By Pastor Craig Groeschel Is America’s Largest Church
  2. Ike Reighard’s 9 Lessons From His Heart Attack
  3. 10 Leadership Lessons From J.D. Greear’s Concession Speech At The Southern Baptist Convention
  4. 10 Resources All Pastors And Christian Leaders Should Be Aware Of
  5. My Thoughts On The LeBron James Expletive-Laden Victory Speech And His Leadership
  6. The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of June 6th
  7. 25 Tips For Churches On Delivering Better Customer Service – lessons from online retailer Zappos
  8. 15 Things No One Ever Sees Which Largely Determine A Pastor’s Success And 9 Other Most Read Leadership Posts From May 2016
  9. The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of June 13th
  10. 42 Quotes And Lessons From Andy Stanley On Money And Possessions

The following are 12 Hidden Gems which did not make the Top 10.  11 of these posts are personal favorites and profiled Apex Leaders.  I cannot recommend enough you read these posts.  Learning from their lives will only make you a better leader.

Thank you again for visiting this site.  It is an honor to invest in your leadership.

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