For two days, I have been live blogging from the GO Georgia Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Go Georgia featured a phenomenal array of both nationally recognized speakers and leading practitioners from the state of Georgia.  Regardless of where you live, anyone serving in church ministry roles can gain practical information on a wide-range of ministry-oriented topics on the information provided.

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The next speaker was Ryan Bowman.  Ryan is the Vice President of Development for Chick-fil-A.   He shared his journey of creating a personal and professional environment of generosity through service.  His commitment to Jesus Christ, mixed with his drive for excellence, serves as a model for church leaders. The following are 24 quotes I captured during his incredible session:

  1. Everyday I am more and more aware of how selfish I am.
  2. Generosity sparks action in others.
  3. Generosity – the virtue of not being tied down by concern about one’s possessions. To provide help to others by giving them an item without thinking twice.
  4. “When a customer says, ‘Thank You’, what is your response? ‘My pleasure.’ Mean it when you say it.” – Truett Cathy
  5. It (“My pleasure”) has become a transformational component of Chick-Fil-A. But it is transformational in our own life as well.
  6. I was in Truett’s Sunday School class at age 13.
  7. “Dad is serious about this (Second Mile Service).” – Dan Cathy
  8. “For the first 40 years we were known for our food. The second 40 years we will be known for our service.” – Dan Cathy
  9. Second Mile Service is a competitive advantage but it is also a transformational advantage for our employees and customers.
  10. Chick-Fil-A’s four core value – Excellence. Loyalty. Integrity. Generosity.
  11. Truett’s greatest joy in his life was giving to others.
  12. When you look at Truett’s life you see a pattern of generosity and a pattern of generosity expressed towards him as a child.
  13. 3 key elements of generosity – Words. Actions. Giving.
  14. Words – How do we speak and what do we share?
  15. Actions – What we do. Giving our time, our energy, stopping in the moment and seeing and meeting a need.
  16. Giving – How willing are we giving of our treasure and our resources.
  17. Generosity is giving without expectation.
  18. Generosity is focused on others.
  19. What keeps us calibrated at Chick-Fil-A is everyone who walks into our stores has a story.
  20. Our ability to connect with that story allows us to live out our mission as a company.
  21. Every life has a story….if we bother to read it.
  22. What manner of love has the Father lavished upon us? The Father has modeled generosity.
  23. We must be willing to give up everything to follow Christ.
  24. In our perspective of generosity, how much are we willing to give up without getting much of a return? How much are we trusting God? How much are we willing to rest in His blessings?

This has been an excellent event.  I hope you enjoyed the insights!

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