In an effort to add value to pastors and church leaders during the next three days, I will be bringing the top leadership quotes and lessons from the incredible faculty at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day event telecast from Willow Creek Community Church’s campus to hundreds of locations across the globe.  An estimated 305,000 leaders are expected to participate.

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The next speaker was Melinda Gates.  As co-chair of the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, she shapes and approves strategies, reviews results and sets the overall direction of the organization. Her work has led her to focus on empowering women and girls to bring transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of families, communities and societies

The following are 42 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Melinda Gates from the 2016 Global Leadership Summit:

Gary Schwammlein, President of the WCA

  1. Whatever you do work at it with all your heart.
  2. Christians ought to be the best employees any company has.

Lot Col Mark “Kaiser” Schmidt video feature

  1. When someone develops you in the military, they focus on the career progression.
  2. People are so good at being a fighter pilot but they’re missing other critical elements.
  3. Our most precious commodity is not the jet. It’s the wingman and instructor pilot.
  4. “I went to marriage counseling because Kaiser said go to marriage counseling.” – Fellow pilot
  5. In our world it is tough to be vulnerable.
  6. Getting better doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if you don’t accomplish your mission.
  7. My faith is everything. It’s who I am.

Melinda Gates

  1. My parents would be very committed we would grow up in a Catholic education.
  2. The world is getting better despite the headlines.
  3. Poverty has been cut in half in the last 25 years.
  4. Childhood deaths are down by half.
  5. I’m impatient. I’m quite impatient.
  6. We can number in half again in a much shorter time.
  7. All lives are equal and we need to treat them as equal and make the right investments.
  8. I love technology.
  9. I chose Duke because at the time they were on the cutting edge of technology.
  10. 17% of computer science graduates are women.
  11. “Your chance of advancement at Microsoft will be astronomical.” – IBM hiring manager when she was interviewing out of college.
  12. We were changing the world. We were putting a computer on every desk. We were creating something out of nothing.
  13. I really love to manage teams. If you got the best out of teams, you got the best results.
  14. Apparently he (Bill Gates) was a little smitten (after meeting her).
  15. If you can’t have a hard charging career and have our values for the kids.
  16. I wanted a normal family life. I saw what Bill’s life was like.
  17. We both grew up in middle-class families.
  18. One of the really important things I learned in high school is one individual can change the world.
  19. They taught us the important of silence.
  20. The Gates Foundation is the largest foundation in the world.
  21. The things we talk about the most on date night are first the kids and then the Foundation.
  22. The Foundation is the embodiment of our values around the world.
  23. It is a gift to be in the situation we’re in.
  24. We’re giving away Warren Buffet’s fortune. We’re approach that with great responsibility.
  25. What can we do to make sure everyone can have the same healthy start in life?
  26. If you are born in America you are lucky.
  27. You have to listen.
  28. 225 million married women are asking us to help them space their birth and pregnancies.
  29. 94% married Catholic women in the United States use contraception.
  30. My values say I want to keep alive women and babies.
  31. You have to let your heart break.
  32. We made a decision to give away money before we got married.
  33. If you have anything close to a billion dollars it’s not going to hurt you to give away half of it.
  34. We have 155 billionaires signed up from 17 countries.
  35. A $10 malaria bed net cuts a lot of deaths down.
  36. Undernourished people has fallen by almost half.
  37. Bill did a lot of things right but he got lucky.
  38. He never expected to make a billion dollars.
  39. In business you had data all the time about your customers.
  40. In the non-profit space we were blown away by how many decisions with no data.
  41. One of Bill’s goals is to eradicate polio around the world.
  42. We as parents want to give every good thing to our children.

The afternoon’s first speaker will be Pastor Jossy Chacko.  Check back throughout both days for live blogs and updates.  And if you have not already, don’t forget to click here or on the image below for your free resource from INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

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