Every leader I speak with wants to get better.  And if I have any time for an extended conversation, they will inevitably begin asking me about other successful churches or leaders.  I love how humble most leaders are and how they simply want to get better.

This is why I found the August 24th edition of USA Today so interesting.  In it, football writer Steven Ruiz ranked the NFL’s Top 10 quarterbacks.  As I read his breakdown, I found obvious applications to all leaders regardless of your profession.

There is not a more leadership-intensive position in all of sports than NFL quarterback.  Many of these individuals I have profiled before.  You can simply click the hot links on their name for more information.  First is the leadership quality, followed by the player and what makes them so effective ranked in order as determined by Ruiz.

The following are The 10 Practices Of The NFL’s Top 10 Quarterbacks:

  1. Preparation – Tom Brady – The four-time Super Bowl champion is recognized for his mental ability.  His understanding of defenses and how to dissect them gives the Patriot receivers additional time to get open.  Because of his preparation, he beats opposing defenses BEFORE the snap of the ball.  For more on Brady, click HERE to purchase Gary Myers’s great book Brady vs. Manning: The Untold Story Of The Rivalry That Transformed The NFL.
  2. Builders Of A Great Team – Aaron Rodgers – Even the best leaders need a good team around them to be successful.  The absence of Jordy Nelson due to injury limited Rodger’s performance last season.
  3. Limits MistakesDrew Brees – Brees is arguably the most accurate quarterback in the league.
  4. Continual Improvement – Ben Roethlisberger – The man known as Big Ben is still getting better.  He has grown in the mental side of the game.
  5. PatienceCam Newton – While Newton is the most physically-gifted quarterback in the league, he also shows tremendous patience allowing his receivers to get downfield for their vertical passing game.
  6. Ability To Handle ConflictAndrew Luck – Luck’s ability to handle pocket conflict allows him to extend plays…and take a beating.  This hopefully develops resilience.
  7. CreativityRussell Wilson – Without a doubt Wilson is the most creative quarterback in the NFL.  No one improvises better.
  8. Make Others Better – Philip Rivers – Because he is constantly working on protections, schemes, motion, and routes, Rivers puts his teammates in better position for success.
  9. Technical ProficiencyCarson Palmer – There is not a more technically-sound quarterback in the league.  Palmer is an expert at his craft and a master of its fundamentals.
  10. AvailabilityTony Romo – A leader’s greatest ability is his or her availability.  When Romo is healthy and available, the Dallas Cowboys are potentially one of the best teams in the NFC.  When injured and unavailable, the Cowboys did not win a game last season.

What is one thing from this list you can do better to improve your leadership?


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