As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Uncommon Fellowship.

The Wednesday sessions consisted of Catalyst Labs.  I was able to attend the four sessions listed below.  Make sure you read each speaker session.  The insights will make you a better leader.

Before reading, I want to make you aware of a special gift to everyone reading these posts. INJOY Stewardship would like to invest in your leadership by inviting you to a FREE Thursday October 13th online event entitled “How To Overcome The Challenges Of Leading A Growing Church.”  Click HERE or on the image below to sign up.  Now onto the speakers:

29 Leadership Quotes From Reggie Joiner

53 Leadership Quotes From Brad Lomenick On Leading The Next Generation

65 Leadership Quotes From Derwin Gray On Creating A Multi-Ethnic Church

28 Leadership Quotes From Scott Sauls On Loneliness

Main sessions begin tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM EST.  Be sure to check back for more leadership insights throughout the day.


On Thursday October 13th, INJOY Stewardship Solutions is hosting an online event entitled, “How To Overcome The Challenges Of Leading A Growing Church”.  You will able to learn church growth lessons from experience pastors like Shawn Lovejoy, Marty Schmidt, Josh Pennington, Mike Linch and Jeff Maness himself.  Click HERE or on the images provided to sign up.

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