There is no shortage of leadership advice and suggestions in the world today.  In fact, you get a lot on this website.  However, for the best marriage advice I ever received, I have to go back to 1990.

Our church was conducting a revival.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, a revival is week-long time in the life of a church with its purpose being spiritual renewal.  Revivals also had a guest speaker who was the nightly communicator.

The communicator for this particular week was Manley Beasley Jr.  One evening he was speaking on marriage when he gave the best leadership advice I ever heard.  Manley advised that when a husband and wife have a disagreement, the husband should always back down, apologize, and let the wife win – especially when he is RIGHT! 

The reason for this is because this is what Jesus did on the cross.  Jesus was right and did absolutely nothing wrong.  Yet He took all the blame, all the abuse, all the embarrassment, and paid the ultimate price so the relationship with His bride, the church, could be restored.

Nothing has helped my marriage more over the years than applying this principle.  Men, evidently we have a gift for naturally messing up and saying the wrong things.  When this happens, just fall on your sword and say you’re sorry.  The funny thing is you will not be shedding any new light to your wife or those closest to you.  They already know you have messed up.

It is a smart thing to do when you are in a hole stop digging.  Some of you need to apologize right now.  Even if you think you’re right (and you very well may be), remember what Jesus did on the cross.  The pain and embarrassment you will feel will not seem so bad.

If you practice this type of servant leadership, you may have a marriage that stands the test of time.


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