Leaders are dealers of hope.  They point people to a brighter tomorrow.  Leaders remind people they are going to make it and there is always a chance to succeed.  The is the message of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will LOVE this movie.  Rogue One tells the story of Jyn Erso, a Rebel soldier played by Felicity Jones, who is tasked with stealing the construction plans of the Death Star, a weapon which can literally destroy planets.  Erso also happens to be the daughter of Galen Erso, a scientist for the Evil Empire.  Galen, however, was a Rebellion supporter and placed a flaw in the Star’s construction which would allow it to be destroyed.

Even fans who are not Star Wars fans will enjoy this movie.  Also, similar to several other popular movies this year, there is no foul language or sexuality.  Good story tellers simply do not need it.  And neither we who are sitting in the theaters.

The following are 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

  1. Smart Leaders Honor The Past – Leaders are always looking forward.  This is a good practice but you should never forget to also honor the past.  Don’t be held captive by it, but honor it.  Rogue One stays true to the Star Wars story and even includes some wonderful character cameos.
  2. Leaders Give People Something They Can Trust And Believe In – “Trust the force.”  These were the final words spoken to Jyn by her mother Lyra.  Those three words provided the foundation of her life.
  3. Leaders Must Continually Define Reality – Empire Director Orson Krennic forced Galen to return to work and complete the Star’s construction.  His argument was he was uniting all planets under Empire rule.  Galen replied, “You are confusing peace with terror.”
  4. Leaders Know Talk Is Cheap – Being a soldier, Jyn said, “I’ve never had the luxury of political opinions.”
  5. Trust Is The Foundation Of Healthy Relationships – Jyn told fellow Rebellion soldier Cassian Andor, “Trust goes both ways.”
  6. Teams Take Time To Build – It does not happen overnight.  As you can tell by the statement above, a took time for a random group of Rebellion soldiers to come together as an effective team.
  7. “Rebellions are built on hope.” – This phrase was said twice in the movie.  The first time was when Candor said these words to Jyn.  What hope provides people is a picture of a brighter tomorrow.
  8. Hope Provides Freedom – Chirrut Imwe said “There’s more than one prison.  I think you carry yours wherever you go.”
  9. Leaders Sense Opportunity And Seize It – In a meeting of Rebellion leadership, one of the principals asked, “What chance do we have?”  To which Jyn answered, “What choice do we have?..The time to fight is now!”
  10. The Words A Leader Uses Must Be Memorable, Repeatable And Then Portable – Lyn said to the assembled group of leaders, “We have hope.  Rebellions are built on hope.”  Notice these words were initially spoken by Candor to Lyn in Point #7.  The leadership lesson here is Candor’s words were phrased and delivered in such a way that his audience (Jyn) was then able to spread the message to others.  Here’s another memorable phrase Star Wars will appreciate, “I’m one with the Force, and the Force is with me.”
  11. Crisis Reveals Loyalty – Lyn said, “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.”
  12. Hope Needs A Strategy – It is often said, “Hope is not a strategy.”  This is a correct statement.  For hope to be effective, it must be supported by a strategy which is understandable, doable, and embraceable.
  13. Leaders Either Serve Others Or Serve Themselves – Darth Vader took tremendous exception with Director Krennic and his desire for positional leadership.  He said, “Be careful not to choke on your aspirations Director”
  14. Desperation And Skill Are A Leader’s Two Best Friends – Lyn said, “One fighter with a sharp stick, with nothing left to lose, can win the day.”
  15. There Is Nothing Left To Do But Bury A Man When His Dreams Are Dead – Saw Gerrera said, “Save the rebellion.  Save the dream.”
  16. Clarity Is Critical To Success – Successful leaders give clear instructions.  Andor said, “Light the place up.  Make 10 men feel like 100.”
  17. People Follow Action More Than Words – Even after Jyn’s passionate speech, the coalition of rebels decided not to participate in a raid on a Empire information center.  However, when she and her fellow soldiers went Rogue One and attacked anyway, then the other soldiers followed in kind.
  18. Give People A Vision Worth Dying For – Destroying the Death Star and saving the lives of countless people was a task the rebels willingly gave their lives for.  On a side note, pastors should never cast a vision that is not worth their congregations giving their life for as well.
  19. Great Leaders Deliver Results – ***SPOILER ALERT*** – After the plans were captured, they were given to Princess Leia, played by a digitally-enhanced Carrie Fisher.  When a soldier asked Leia what the rebels had sent her, she said, “They delivered hope.”

Once again, this is a good movie which honors the Star Wars legacy well.  If you have no plans this weekend, check it out.  You will enjoy it and have a great time.


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