Fox Sports’ Joe Klatt once made an interesting observation.  He said and I’m paraphrasing, “We are wasting Nick Saban on coaching.  He needs to be doing something like running for president.”  What Joe was saying is Nick’s philosophy of leadership, organizational capabilities, personnel development, commitment to excellence, and legendary “Process” are at historic levels and applicable to any field of endeavor.

At the time of this writing, the following are just some of his accomplishments:

  • 5 National Championships (2003 with LSU, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015)
  • 7 Southeastern Conference Championships
  • 2003 and 2008 National Coach of the Year
  • And most important, 45 years of happy marriage to his wife “Miss Terry”

Because of Coach Saban’s unparalleled success and distinct leadership insights, I wanted to compile many of his thoughts so leaders all walks of life can learn from them.  Therefore, you can click HERE or the image below to receive a complimentary copy of my latest Ebook The Leadership Of Nick Saban: Timeless Truths From The Incomparable Head Coach Of The Alabama Crimson Tide with a subscription to this site.

You do not have to enjoy sports to appreciate this resource. Whether you lead a church, business, non-profit or athletic organization, if you apply these concepts, you will be a better leader.

In this resource, you will learn Coach Saban’s thoughts on a multitude of topics: The Process, Mistakes, Success, Recruiting, Culture, Skills, Staffing, Confidence, Failure, Intelligence, Family, and his top comments from the 2016 Leadercast Conference.

So click HERE or on the image to the left for my new ebook The Leadership Of Nick Saban: Timeless Truths From The Incomparable Head Coach Of The Alabama Crimson Tide.  Enjoy!


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