Tonight Passion 2017 began from the Georgia Dome located in Atlanta.  It you are unfamiliar with Passion, it is the 20th anniversary of a gathering of over 55,000 18-25 year olds with the sole purpose of making the name of Jesus famous.  Over 1,600 campuses and 90 countries were represented.  On a special note, this will be the final event at The Dome before it is tore down.

The three-day event began with words from Passion’s founder Louie Giglio and Christine Caine. Her challenging session on faith and endurance from Hebrews 10 and 11 inspired all in attendance.  Included are images of her differentiating between Godly Ambition and Selfish Ambition.

The following are 49 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Louie Giglio And Christine Caine – Passion 2017:

Louie Giglio

  1. “I hope all your anxiety and fear is washed away tonight. I hope you find family tonight.”
  2. “There are tens of thousands of people in here and God knows every one of your names.”
  3. “There’s something more important than everything else in world. The person of Jesus Christ. There is nothing close to Him.”
  4. “At 84 you can still be loving God. Still running in your lane. Still making a difference for Christ.” – Louie on Dr. Charles Stanley

Christine Caine

  1. “In 1997 you weren’t even born yet.” – to people 20 years or younger when Passion began in Austin, TX.
  2. “The greatest days of the church are ahead of us, not behind us.”
  3. “The first 20 years have just been a foundation of what is yet to come.”
  4. “In 1997 this wasn’t here. It was there.”
  5. “Here always becomes there. We’ve got to stop living for there and start living for here.”
  6. “The followers of Jesus Christ do not need to grow weary or faint hearted.”
  7. “You will have need of endurance. Not of faith or talent but endurance.”
  8. “We’re going to need faith + patience, faith + endurance.”
  9. “You do not need to freak out but you will need endurance.”
  10. “We will have the victory but we will need endurance.”
  11. “Faith doesn’t always mean you’re not going to go through pain and suffering.”
  12. “This is our time. This is our place. God has given us the baton to reach our generation.”
  13. “He is still on the throne and the government is on His shoulders.”
  14. “We are running from victory, not for victory. Jesus Christ died and rose again. We have read the end of the Book and just in case you’re wondering, we won.”
  15. “No one else will offer you forgiveness from the past and hope for the future.”
  16. “I’ve built up some strength because I’ve come up against pressure.”
  17. “We’ve developed a society that doesn’t have patience, that doesn’t celebrate waiting.”
  18. “Don’t build resistance in the path of least resistance.”
  19. “Because of Jesus we can run our race with hope.”
  20. “We won’t live the life we want to live if we don’t learn to endure.”
  21. “How did we get here after 20 years? Louie and Shelley just didn’t stop.”
  22. “You don’t get endurance on an app. There is an app to help you build endurance but not an app for endurance.”
  23. “The greatest thing you can do is lay your weights and sins at the foot of Jesus Christ.”
  24. “If God can use someone like me…there is not one person in this room God cannot turn your mess around for your good and His glory.”
  25. “Obedience to the Word of God is not legalism.”
  26. “Doing what God tells me to do is for our good.”
  27. “You’ve only got here and you’ve only got now.”
  28. “We’re so busy scrolling through everyone else’s life we’re going to miss ours.”
  29. “Don’t despise where God has you now.”
  30. “The goal of Christianity is not fame, fortune or followers but faithfulness where God has placed me.”
  31. “If you are not faithful here you will not be fruitful there.”
  32. “Motives are very important to God.”
  33. “I obsess about faithfulness today.”
  34. “Why would I limit God to what I could think?”
  35. “The further you go in life the more important one degree is. Where you begin your life is important.”
  36. “Set the compass of your heart to be right.”
  37. “The path of endurance checks your motives.”
  38. “Jesus didn’t even do what He wanted to do. He did what His Father wanted Him to do.”
  39. “if we are Christ-followers in this room we are not our own. We were bought with a price. We belong to Jesus.”
  40. “Godly ambition lives for the glory of God alone.”
  41. “I buried my mom three months ago.”
  42. “Jesus have I done everything you wanted me to do?”
  43. “He is the one who endured to the end. We magnify Him.”
  44. “Jesus is the One who endured.”
  45. “Because Jesus Christ endured let us therefore endure for our generation. The same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives inside you and me.”

Just an amazing message.  I can’t wait for the rest of the conference.


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