All successful organizations had a healthy leadership pipeline.  Having a deep bench of qualified personnel when leadership position opens up provides continuity and sustainability to an organization.

The reason you have such a pipeline is you have likely spent a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources investing in your personnel.  But an interesting challenge arises when an opening happens in your organization.  Oftentimes, you can only promote a single individual.  So how do you know who to select?

In the video above, Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien had to choose between Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett for the position of the team’s 2015 starting quarterback.  How he communicates his decision to the two parties involved is a clinic on how to make a very difficult leadership decision.

As I watched the video, I gleaned 16 Lessons On How To Choose Between 2 Qualified Leadership Candidates.  These are going to help some leader this week make a difficult decision.

  1. Leaders Are Paid To Make Hard Decisions. – “They pay me to make decisions in regard to the consistency with the team and to get this team into a rythym.”
  2. There Is An Appointed Time In Which Hard Decisions Must Be Made. – “It’s time to name a starter.”
  3. Not Everyone Will Agree With Your Decisions. – “I don’t expect everyone to agree with every decision I make”
  4. When Decisions Are Made, Leaders Must Put The Interests Of The Organization Ahead Of Their Personal Interests. – “But I do expect that we act like pros and we’re good in the locker room and keep the best interests of the team in mind at all times.”
  5. When Communicating Hard Decisions Be Clear And Succinct.  Do Not Ramble. – “I’m going to name Brian the starter.”
  6. Consistency Is A Primary Differentiator When Choosing Between Two Individuals. – “It comes down to consistency.”
  7. Consistent Preparation Matters When Choosing Between Two Individuals. –  “Consistency over time from OTAs (Organized Team Activities) through training camp”
  8. Consistent Intelligence Matters When Choosing Between Two Individuals. – “Consistency in the meeting room”
  9. Consistent Production Matters When Choosing Between Two Individuals. – “Consistency on the field”
  10. Consistent Overall Performance Matters When Choosing Between Two Individuals. – “Consistency all the way around in the organization”
  11. If You Are Selected For A Leadership Position, Stay Humble.  There Are Capable People Ready Take Your Place. – “It’s not that big a difference and I’ll say that in front of you (Hoyer).”
  12. If You Are Selected For A Leadership Position, Stay Diligent.  You Must Continue To Earn It Every Day. – “You’ve (Hoyer) got to earn it every day.”
  13. If You Are Selected For A Leadership Position, Stay Passionate.  You Now Set The Pace For The Entire Team. – “It’s important for the quarterback to be a leader.”
  14. What Gives You Credibility As A New Leader Is You Deliver Results.  You Can’t Lead From The Bench. – “You’ve got to earn it on the field.  You’ve got to win games for the Houston Texans before you become the leader of the team.”
  15. Even If You Are Passed Over For A Leadership Position, Stay Ready.  You Never Know When Your Next Opportunity May Come. – “What I would expect from you Ryan is to be a professional about it.  To prepare like a starter.  Be ready to play.”
  16. It’s OK To Make A Bad Personnel Decision.  It’s Not OK To Live With One. – “If things aren’t going well…we’re not going to let it go, like eight games, of not being very good.”

What is one thing you learned from this list which will help you make a better leadership decision this week?

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