This post is dedicated to my friend Rob Cizik, the beloved executive pastor of Northshore Christian Church (WA), who passed away on December 5th.  He is deeply missed by his friends and family.  His impact will never be forgotten.  More on this great man is in post #3 below.

The following are The Top 10 Most Read Leadership Posts Of December 2016 as determined by you the readers:

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  9. 10 Things Which Will Help Make 2017 The Most Productive Year You’ve Ever Had
  10. 10 Things An Effective Church Vision Must Do

The following are three additional Hidden Gems which did not make the Top 10 but were personal favorites.  I hope you enjoy them the second time around.

Thanks for your support in December.  It helped make 2016 the most read year in the history of this site.  It is an honor to invest in your leadership.  I look forward to a great January!


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