The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone is wonderful, delightful, humorous, inspiring and should be watched by everyone this weekend!  If you are looking for second chances and redemption, this film is for you.

Gavin Stone, played by Brett Dalton, is a former child actor whose life has become quite wayward to say the least.  Assigned to perform community service at the local Masonville Bible Church, Stone gets a part in the church play performing the role of Jesus.  What happens next becomes a transformational experience in Stone’s life.

The following are 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone:

    1. Experienced pastors have seen everything – Masonville’s pastor Allen Richardson, played by D.B. Sweeney, said, “I’ve been a pastor for decades.  I’ve seen everything.”
    2. Second chances are not free.  They come with responsibilities – Richardson told Stone, “We believe in second chances but they’re not to be taken lightly.”
    3. Unchurched people do not understand church customs.  We assume a lot about those who visit our churches on Sundays.  Stone, who had no church background, did not know how to dress for services, speak to people in the lobby, sing, when to stand, or take communion,
    4. The Leadership Of Jesus was marked by Humility – Kelly Richardson, played by Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, was both the pastor’s daughter and director of the church play.  She told Stone, “Humility.  Don’t you pick on that when you read the Gospels?”
    5. Being Single is Nothing to Ashamed Of – It was noted of Kelly who was not married, “There’s only room for one man in her life that man was Jesus.”
    6. Christians have their own nomenclature – Stone noted, “Christians talk so weird.”
    7. Great Leaders Are Great Listeners – While coaching his fellow actors, Stone said, “Acting is listening.”
    8. Great Leaders Do Not Seek The Spotlight.  They Shine It On Others. – Kelly told Stone, “He (Jesus) wasn’t about spectacle.  He was humble.  He made Himself low.”
    9. Simplicity Is Underrated – Kelly said, “Bigger sets come with bigger problems and bigger egos.”
    10. In church everyone can play a role.  A man named Doug, played by former WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels, ran a wonderful ministry repairing cars for single moms.  To see Shawn’s testimony watched this video:

  1. Love Makes A House A Home – Stone was serving his community service in the town he grew up in.  While staying at the house of his estranged father, he told him, “This house is a mess but it’s not empty.”
  2. Unchurched people have legitimate questions about the Scriptures.  As Stone practiced various scenes, he had numerous questions which experienced Christians just take for granted.
  3. Leaders Either Serve Others Or Serve Themselves – Early in Stone’s life and career, his motto taught to him as an 8-year-old boy, “Gavin comes first.”
  4. The world teaches everything you need to know about conditional love.  Jesus Christ teaches you everything you need to know about unconditional love.  Stone said, “Hollywood isn’t like church.  It doesn’t give you second chances.”
  5. Churches need to give people opportunities. – Everyone needs a place where God’s light can shine through their life.  It was through acting that God created a pathway where Stone could show the love of Jesus Christ and have his life changed forever.
  6. Brokenness Is Required For Sustainable Leadership ***Spoiler Alert*** When Stone returned backed at the church play after a brief return to Hollywood, he told Kelly, “I’m sorry doesn’t help.”  To which she replied, “It doesn’t hurt.”
  7. Churches Are God’s Instrument For Saving The World – Kelly told a freshly-redeemed Stone, “This is what we do.”
  8. God’s grace is more than enough. The second most moving scene in the movie was when Stone, playing Jesus, wrote in dirt at the possible stoning of Mary, GRACE.  We all need God’s grace.
  9. “I surrender.  My way didn’t work.” – These are the words of Stone during the crucifixion scene.  For all human beings, it God’s way that works.  Not ours.

Once again, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!  Make sure you check it out this weekend.

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