In this article, they report 1 out of 20 girls lose their virginity on prom night.  In fact, 14% of all girls have sex on prom night.  One Florida church I recently met with is attempting to do something about this and other issues associated with that evening.

A lady in this church, an everyday volunteer, noticed the following realities in her community and had to do something about it:

  • 80% of her community lives below the poverty line.  Many girls can’t afford a prom dress.
  • Expensive prom dresses are one-and-done purchases.
  • As previously mentioned, many girls exchange the love of Jesus for counterfeit love on prom night.

She then came up with idea for a new ministry the church could provide to the community.  People in her church could donate their prom dresses.  After all, they are just hanging in their closets never to be worn again.  Through partnerships with local high schools, the dresses would then be distributed to girls wishing to attend the prom but unable to afford a quality outfit.

The benefits are the following:

  • Parents could now have the dignity of providing their daughters a wonderful prom night experience when they otherwise may not have.
  • Girls could now have a healthy sense of pride by looking their absolute best.
  • The church develops a more meaningful relationship with their local schools.
  • The people of the church get to experience the joy of generosity by giving away something they will never wear again.
  • The church gives something of value away to unchurched people while asking for nothing in return.

And most importantly, dozens of high school girls will now have the opportunity to experience the unconditional love of Jesus rather than the counterfeit love so many experience on that night.  A person’s life can be changed forever.

As I heard this story, I had several thoughts:

  • Some of the best ministry ideas come from everyday people in your church, not just staff.
  • The best ideas are the ones which provide practical solutions to real life issues people face.
  • Greatness happens in the margins and overflows of our lives.
  • The local church when organized and leveraged properly can do great things.  One person can give away one prom dress and impact one life.  Hundreds of church families can mobilize their efforts and give away hundreds of dresses, impacting hundreds of lives.
  • If you have a burden for those less fortunate, don’t deny it.  Don’t rationalize it.  Don’t discount it.  Don’t dismiss it.  FEED IT!  Do something about it!

What is something practical you or your church could do change someone’s life in your community?


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