Logan is the best of times and the worst of times.  Let’s start with the best.  Logan is the greatest comic book movie I have ever seen and is an early Oscar contender of Best Picture of 2018.  With Hugh Jackman playing his iconic character, the film is simply an incredible story.  Set in 2029 with the mutant race practically extinct, an aging Wolverine and dying Charles Xavier become connected with a group of young mutant children, specifically a young girl named Laura whose skills are similar to Logan’s.

The relationship between the three is heartfelt and touching.  The action scenes are off-the-charts, particularly Laura’s first action sequence and the climatic battle scene as the mutant children cross the Canadian border.  Also, the movie’s conclusion is quite emotional.

Now the worst.  Christians and parents in general beware – there are countless F-bombs, a pre-movie scene for the next Deadpool film which is adults-only, brief nudity and the violence is graphic.  Even Xavier is dropping F-bombs.  I will never understand foul language.  It is pointless.  And when the human head comes in contact with Logan and Laura’s claws, the head continually comes out the loser.

The following are 15 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Logan The Movie.  Please note ***MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD***

  1. We Give More Grace To People We Are Emotionally Connected To Than People We Are Not – I previously chose to not to see R-rated movies like Wolf Of Wall Street, Deadpool, and The Revenant because of the pervasive foul language.  But after 17 years and 9 films, I relaxed my standards because of my affection for the character and deep investment into his storyline.  As I write this 24 hours after seeing the movie, I sense relaxing standards for people we love is never a good thing, though we obviously do it.
  2. Father Time Is Still Undefeated – Logan took Father Time into double and even triple overtime but he still lost.  We all have a date in which our life will come to a close.
  3. Everyone Has A Specific Purpose For Their Lives – Laura’s mother Gabriela said to Logan, “A soldier who will not fight is useless.”
  4. The Only Permanent Thing In This Life Is Jesus Christ And The Bible – Xavier said to Logan, “Laura does not need reminding of life’s impermanence.”
  5. People Are Forced To Develop The Skills Needed To Survive – Noting Laura’s giftedness with claws coming from both her hands and feet, “A lion has front claws for hunting and back claws for protection ensuring their survival.”
  6. The Power Of A Father’s Influence – Fathers set precedent everyday and send their children forth into a time they cannot see.  Laura was raised in a military lab with limited social interaction.  Upon being freed and now spending time with Logan and Charles, she learned how to relate to Logan by watching how he related to Charles.
  7. The Issues Of A Leader Has Tremendous Impact On Those They Influence – Similar to Wolverine: Origins when Logan was taken in by an elderly couple, Logan, Xavier, and Laura are taken in by a very kind family named the Munsons who showed them love and compassion.  And also similar to Wolverine: Origins, the host family experiences tragic consequences for doing so.  As leaders, those we are called to serve often experience the consequences of what we carry as well.
  8. An Emotionally Healthy Family Is A Safe Place And Provides A Sense Of Security – Xavier told Logan, “This is what life looks like.  A house.  A safe place.  People who love each other.  You should take a moment (and enjoy it).”
  9. A Series Of Bad Days Have Escalating Consequences – Logan said, “There was a time when a bad day was just a bad day.”
  10. A Enjoyable Evening With Your Family Is A Gift – After spending a wonderful evening with the Munsons, Xavier told Logan, “This was the most perfect night I’ve enjoyed in a very long time.”
  11. Do Not Live A Lifetime Of Regrets – As Xavier and Logan’s days were coming to a close, they both lamented about all the terrible things they had done.  I pray we do not have to do the same.
  12. We Are All Born With A Sin Nature.  Rage And Sin Are Inherent In Everyone. – Military professor Dr. Rice said, “You can’t nurture rage.”
  13. Death Has A Feeling – As Logan was dying, he said, “So this is what it feels like.”
  14. During her eulogization of her father, Laura said, “There’s no living with killing.”
  15. Great Leaders Finish Well – To say Logan displayed unhealthy fathering practices in this movie is an understatement, specifically in how he talked to Laura.  However, he ended the relationship well.  Also, after 17 years and 9 movies, Jackman delivered his finest performance to date.  Last impressions last.  Once again, great leaders finish well.

Once again, Logan is an incredible movie.  Just beware of the language and graphic violence.


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