Continually staying ahead of the curve is a constant challenge for all leaders. We must be always looking for fresh ideas.  So where do these great ideas come from?

In the March 2017 edition of Inc. Magazine, four Nobel Prize winners were interviewed about their sources of inspiration.  Whether you lead a church, business, non-profit, or athletic organization, their thoughts will make you a more effective leader.

  1. Be Controversial – 2003 winner in the category of Medicine, Paul Lauterbur says, “You don’t know you’ve got a good idea until at lease three Noble laureates tell you it’s wrong.”
  2. Be Important – 2011 winner Bruce Beutler ,an immunologist and geneticist, said, “Don’t set out to make incremental advances.  Choose a problem you’d be proud to solve.”
  3. Be Artistic – Many Nobel winners were artists.  Tap into your creative side.
  4. Be Passionate – 2002 winner in the area of physics Riccardo Giacconi said, “Nothing is going to happen unless you work with your life’s blood.”

Next were 4 lessons on stopping procrastinating from Inc.’s February 2017 edition:

  1. (10 x 2) x 5 – Start doing 10 minutes of focused work followed by a two-minute break five times in a row.  Routine breaks give you more confidence to leverage targeted energy.
  2. Donate To Charity – Give $5 to charity for every hour you waste.  Built-in accountability will help stop procrastination.
  3. Give Yourself Deadlines – This will force action on your part.
  4. Stop The Bleeding – If you have wasted your morning, do not waste your afternoon also.

The following are 4 things I do to maximize daily productivity:

  1. Start Early – If your day starts at 8:00 AM, begin working at 7:30 AM.
  2. Schedule Projects During Non-Call Hours – I spend a good portion of each day talking with potential clients.  I handle projects, employee development, and writing assignments during non-peak call hours.
  3. Manage Your Energy – There are times in each day where I have high energy and other times of low energy.  I schedule my best opportunities during times of high energy and perceived lowest opportunities during times of low energy.
  4. Establish A Daily Points System – This is the best thing I have done to manage personal performance.  Every interaction I have with customer receives a score based upon how well the call went.  Each day I must score a certain cumulative number of points to consider it a good day.

What is one lesson here which if applied will make you a better leader?


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