The biggest issue I see leaders facing today is understanding the difference between leader development and leadership development.  Leadership development is developing the type of skills needed to accomplish a task or assignment from God.  Leader development is becoming the type of person God can use to accomplish a task or assignment.

Leaders who last place as much if not more importance on leader development as they do leadership development.  Otherwise, your talent will take you to a place your character cannot sustain you.

Many of this week’s post deal with the subject of leader development.  Make sure you check them out.

As for leadership development, if you have not signed up yet for the April 26-28, 2017 Orange Conference, what are you waiting on?!  For my money, it is as good a three days as Christian leaders can get in terms of their own development.  Click HERE or on the image provided for more information.  Also, I will live-blogging from the event if you cannot make it.

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of March 6th:

  1. Why Leading By Example Doesn’t Work by Paul Alexander
  2. State Of The Plate 2016 by Greg Atkinson
  3. Lead Yourself First: How To Lead Better By Leading Yourself by Dan Black
  4. 10 Easy Ways To Measure The Security Of Your Leadership by Scott Cochrane
  5. Want To Be More Creative? Start Acting Like Children by Phil Cooke
  6. We Can Differ, But We Can Also Be Kind by Mary DeMuth
  7. 3 Things You Can Do This Week To Connect More People After Easter by Mark Howell
  8. 20 Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful And Ineffective Leaders by Joseph Lalonde
  9. How To Build A Healthy Elder Team by Joshua Reich
  10. How To Talk About Marriage Without Alienating Singles by Justin Trapp

Well that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great articles did you read?


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