There are a lot of resources available to leaders to help them get better.  The following are just a few:

  • Live Conferences
  • Online Conferences
  • Podcasts
  • Coaching Networks
  • Webinars
  • Online Courses

These are all outstanding and I personally take advantage of many of them.  However, my friend Michael Lukaszewski recently made an interesting observation about the best value leaders can receive.

The best value a leader can receive is BOOKS.  Let me explain.

In the book Bill Walsh – The Score Takes Care Of Itself: My Philosophy Of Leadership, author Steve Jamison discussed his partnership with Coach Walsh.  He said, “This (his first meeting with Walsh) went on for three hours until he called our conversation – a lecture of leadership – to a halt…Our discussion in that office continued for several months as he expanded on his core concepts of leadership – with accompanying anecdotes – for this book.  Along the way there were more videotapes, notes, lessons of all sorts that he learned along the way.”

Prior to his death, Coach Walsh was a highly sought-after expert by football coaches, business leaders, and those in academia for his insights on creativity and organizational innovation.  Many paid tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for his thoughts.  As Jamison pointed out, he spent countless hours over several months learning from the man considered father of modern-day NFL offense.

What would it be worth to spend months gleaning leadership lessons from a lifetime of experience from a leader like Coach Walsh.  What if you sat down with him for countless hours like Jamison did?  What if you could gain access to his personal notes and insights on talent evaluation, building culture, facilitating change, and various other organizational lessons?  How much would that be worth to you and/or your organization?  What would someone pay for that?

I got it all for less than $10 on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Leaders Are Readers.  What books allow you to do is capture a person’s lifetime of lessons for only a few dollars.  I received and are implementing many of Bill Walsh’s leadership lessons in my own life for less than what it would have cost me to meet him for a cup of coffee and ask just a handful of questions.

Pictured above are my favorites books, the ones I have either enjoyed the most or made the greatest impact in my life.  If you are looking for some quality books, check out The Top 16 Books Christian Leaders Should Be Reading In 2016 and The Top 17 Books Christian Leaders Should Be Reading In 2017.  The best sports book I have read recently is Kentucky head coach John Calipari’s Success Is The Only Option: The Art Of Coaching Extreme Talent.

Make sure you order at least one book today.  Priceless leadership lessons are available to you for less than dinner for two at McDonald’s.


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