There are two issues in church I see all the time.

Problem #1: The church isn’t growing the way it should. There are lots of possible reasons for this – some of them are spiritual and some of them are organizational.

Problem #2: People aren’t engaged the way you want.  Sometimes it’s giving, sometimes it’s serving and sometimes it’s inviting.  Seriously, “How do we get our people to invite,” is one of the most common questions I get.

Almost every pastor I know wrestles with both of those problems to varying degrees.  I think we all want the church to grow.  In size, in health, in depth.  All of it.

That’s why my friends at Church Fuel have put together a program to address these issues head on.  They have spent the last few months making it better, and it’s even more affordable now.

Well, it’s more affordable now than ever before. In fact, it’s FREE for you to try out. It doesn’t get better than that.

The program is called Church Fuel One.

So for this week only, they are opening up registration with a free trial offer and I wanted to share it with you.  And here is the good news – this is not one of those free trials where they charge your credit card because you forgot to contact them.  It truly is a FREE trial.

Here’s what Church Fuel One members get….

#1 – You’ll get ALL FOUR COURSES they’re releasing in 2017.  Sure, they will sell these individually for $297 each, but their members will get full access to every one of them.  Here’s the release schedule:

How to Recruit Volunteers Across Every Ministry (releases January)
How to Start a Brand New Ministry in Your Church (releases in April)
Preaching Sermons that Stick (releases in July)
Launching Another Service (releases in October)

All of these courses include videos, documents, and 90-day action guides.  And as a Church Fuel One member, you’ll get them ALL.

#2 – You’ll get access to the RESOURCE LIBRARY.  Right now, there are 80+ documents, templates and examples.  Plus, if there’s something you need, all you have to do is ask.  This resource library is your go-to place when you need any document.

#3 – You’ll get access to OFFICE HOURS and members only ROUND TABLES.  Previously, this was a benefit reserved for premium members.  But we’re including it for everyone in 2017.  This is when you can jump on a real call and talk to a real person.

#4 – You can add up to TEN PEOPLE from your team.  Staff, leaders and key volunteers can get their own login and access to the membership area.  This is at no additional cost and available for the first time ever.

If you love it and decide to upgrade to a full membership, you’ll get all of this plus 3 great bonuses:

1- Creating an Annual Plan course
2- The Assimilation System
3- $100 gift card towards a future purchase
All of that is here at this link and this offer is only available for the next few days.  After that, it goes away.
So jump on it today and give Church Fuel One a try!  Check out my testimonial below!

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