If you are a regular reader of this site, you know my friend Bryan Miles is one of my favorite leaders.  Bryan and his wife Shannon are co-founders of BELAY Solutions – a virtual solutions organization.

Bryan recently joined Casey Graham for his 7-Figure CEO Podcast which you can listen to by clicking HERE.  The insights he gave on leadership is clinic all leaders can learn from.

The following 24 Lessons From A Coaching Clinic On Leadership we learn from this great leader.  First is the lesson followed by his quote.

  1. Some Great Leaders Are Introverts – “I’m definitely an introvert…When I’m around a bunch of people it drains.  I need time by myself so I can think.”
  2. Facts Are Your Friends – “I do love data.  I’m a bit of a data nerd.”
  3. Great Leaders Are Informed Leaders – “I want you to scare the people on the other side of the table about how much you know about our business.”
  4. Great Leaders Take Care Of Their Health – “I’m much more consistent in how I work out.”
  5. Leadership Has Tough Seasons – “Acknowledge there are seasons that are going to be really tough.  And that’s OK.”
  6. Leaders Must Realize What Is Truly Important – “I didn’t start this business to make my wife a widow and my kids not have a dad.”
  7. Smart Leaders Know Their Limits – “You’ve got to know your learn your limits.”
  8. Exercise Provides Mental Clarity – “I have much better mental clarity when I work out.”
  9. Smart  Leaders Build In Time For Decompression – “I do carve out time for lunch and that’s a time for me to decompress.”
  10. Great Leaders Ask Great Questions – “I try to become a good detective and ask questions and learn why.”
  11. Everything Rises And Falls On Leadership – “When something’s broke or jacked up it usually points back to a leader.”
  12. Great Leaders Teach Others To Be Great Problem Solvers – “One of the best things I can do is be a good problem solver.  But better yet, teach my leaders how to be a better problem solver than me.”
  13. Own The Business Don’t Run It – “Shannon and I have a desire to own the business not run the business.”
  14. Success Is A Made Up Of Daily Steps – “When you mountain climb it’s just one step in front of the other.”
  15. Leaders Carry A Great Weight – “I’ve got the weight of a business on my back and I’m walking up a hill.”
  16. Must – Should – Could.  Write down three things today I must do, then should do, and last is three things you could do.  You finish all the must first.”
  17. Great Leaders Have Strong Values – “Travel is a family value for us.”
  18. Great Leaders Take Time For Great Reflection – “How I journal?  I ask myself a question and answer it.”
  19. A Leader Who Doesn’t Celebrate Is A Leader Not Worth Following – “We throw some of the best company parties I’ve ever known.”
  20. Smart Leaders Celebrate The Advancement Of Their Mission – “Our celebrations aren’t always our metrics or revenue.  Sometimes our celebrations are did we move our mission…Our employees are more connected to our mission.”
  21. What Matters Most Is How Many Lives Are Impacted By Your Business – “Revenue represents lives that were impacted by our service.”
  22. Leadership Has Great Joy And Pain – “There’s great joy in owning a business that’s successful.  There’s great pain in that as well.”
  23. Great Leaders Date Ideas – “When you’re in tough times go back to when you started the business.  Go back to when you were dating your idea.”
  24. “Enjoy the climb as much as you could.”

To learn more about Bryan and BELAY Solutions, click HERE or the image below:

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