Are you facing a giant in your life?  Are you facing something or someone you simply think you cannot overcome?  Does this person or situation fill you with great fear?  Are you intimidated?  If so, then I want to help you.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs women’s basketball team, led by head coach Vic Schaefer, defeated the three-time defending champion UConn Huskies on Friday evening.  And as you can see in the video above, guard Morgan Williams, the team’s star, picked up a stone called a basketball and slung it at Goliath’s head.  The stone went through the net ending Goliath’s 111-game winning streak.

As I listened to Coach Schaefer’s post-game interview (also shown above), I gleaned 19 Things You Must Do To Slay Goliath:

  1. To Slay Goliath You Must Ignore People Telling You It Can’t Be Done – “What an unbelievable gutsy performance no one in the country, including of you, thought could happen.  And that’s OK.”
  2. To Slay Goliath You Must Have A Plan – “But we knew it could happen.”
  3. To Slay Goliath You Must Play To Your Strengths – “You see you have to be careful when you start talking about people you don’t know about.  If all you’re doing is evaluating what you see on TV and you don’t know what’s in someone’s breastplate, you better be careful about evaluating them.”
  4. To Slay Goliath You Must Have Tremendous Heart – “That’s what these kids have.  They have tremendous heart.”
  5. To Slay Goliath You Must Have Tremendous Pride – “They also have a little pride.  We had our pride stepped on last year by another great team.”
  6. To Slay Goliath You Must Be On A Mission – “These three right here and the rest of their teammates they’ve kind of been on a mission.”
  7. To Slay Goliath You Must Be Willing To Fight Goliath – “They’re fighters.”
  8. To Slay Goliath You Must Be Willing To Compete – “They have such a competitive spirit.”
  9. To Slay Goliath You Must Have Great Belief In Yourself – “We’ve believed in our locker room it could be done.”
  10. You Should Not Need A Motivational Speech To Slay Goliath – “We were watching any movies.  I’m not talking about the Philistine slaying the giant although it was in the back of my mind.”
  11. To Slay Goliath You Must Respect Goliath – “This was about two basketball teams, two great teams, competitors, tough, physical, aggressive basketball teams.  We beat the greatest team with the greatest streak in the history of sports.  You got to give them a lot of credit.”
  12. To Slay Goliath You Only Have To Beat Him Once – “We just had to beat them one time.  And when you have these young ladies and their teammates and they can go through we went through for three days preparing.”
  13. To Slay Goliath It Helps To Have Experience – “It helps to have a veteran team – 4 seniors, 4 juniors – it helps to have that.”
  14. Slaying Goliath Is Never Going To Be Easy – “These kids were incredible tonight.  It’s never easy us .  There’s always something that comes up that makes more difficult for these kids.  But they always find a way.”
  15. To Slay Goliath You Must Be Ready For The Moment When It Presents Itself – “In that moment they were ready for the moment.”
  16. To Slay Goliath You Must Be Able To Perform With Excellence Under Intense Pressure – “Morgan had 41 points against Baylor.  They’re not any bigger than the one she hit tonight.”
  17. To Slay Goliath You Must Want To Slay Goliath – “You got to want to be in that moment and our kids want to be in that moment.”
  18. Slaying Goliath Requires Great Preparation – “They prepared them and did a great job and that’s why they won the game tonight.”
  19. After You Slay Goliath You Must Give God All The Glory – “Make no mistake.  We beat a heck of a basketball team – the best of all-time with the best coach of all-time.  We’re very proud of that.  We’re honored and we’re giving God the glory.”

What is one thing you learned from the list above which will help you defeat your Goliath?


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