• I was extremely disappointed in The Fate Of The Furious.  Allow just to dive in why:
  • Here is a warning to Christians – Go in 5 minutes after the movie has started.  This would be about 25 minutes counting previews.  There is some needless scantily clad women in the beginning.  Men, cover your eyes or be prepared to be embarrassed in front of your children or in trouble with your wife.
  • Language – I counted at least three times when Dwayne Johnson needlessly said the offensive words “GD”.  Completely pointless.
  • Script – The dialogue between the characters (particularly Johnson and Tyrese Gibson) was often B-movie level at best.
  • Action – It is understood you have to suspend belief in these movies but it got pretty ridiculous, especially with cars outwitting and destroying a Russian army with a nuclear sub on a frozen pond without snow tires.  There was also a very offensive scene in which a mother was brutally murdered in front of her baby.  More on that below.

I think many franchise sequels (especially at #3 and beyond) are made for strictly economic purposes.  Their sole purpose is too make money.  Well, The Fate Of The Furious sealed my financial fate.  They got my $11.75 which I will never get back.

The following are 10 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From The Disappointing Fate Of The Furious:

  1. Smart Leaders Do Not Provide Pointless Information – There was no need for the scantily-clad images in the movies opening scene.  It did to advance the storyline and in fact would turn-off anyone with any desire for purity of thought.
  2. Great Leaders Are Great Communicators – I was really disappointed in Johnson saying GD three times during the film.  Leadership comes with a microphone.  Johnson has tremendous influence and I feel he did not steward it well.
  3. The Value Of DiversityThe Fast And Furious franchise has been rightfully commended for its diversity in casting.  The multiple races, nationalities, male and female characters, and even Kirk Russell carrying the torch for the 50+ generation allows for a significantly larger audience to connect with the characters. There is something for everyone.  Churches can learn a lot about the value of diversity from these films.
  4. Great Leaders Make Everything Better – Prior to taking part in a street race with a very subpar car, Dom, played by Vin Diesel, said, “It doesn’t matter what’s under the hood.  It’s who’s behind the wheel.”
  5. Great Communicators Know Their Audience – The villain Cipher said, “Rule #1 – Know you audience.”
  6. Leaders Are Always Held Accountable For Their Actions – Dom told Cipher, “The problem with putting your foot on a tiger’s neck is you can never let it up.”
  7. When Is Enough Enough – There is a gruesome scene when a mom is violently gunned down in front of her baby.  I thought this was way over the line.  If you want to show how evil a villain can be, there are many other less-offensive ways to accomplish this.
  8. Choice Theory – The only person’s behavior you can control is your own.  The only thing you can give is information.” – Cipher
  9. Great Leaders Create Things Which Are Sustainable – There will almost certainly be another film allowing this billion dollar franchise to continue.
  10. “You never turn your back on family.” – True, but feel free to turn your back on this movie.

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