If you want to get better as an organization, get a better leader.  Great leaders are like bacon.  They just make everything better.  But what should you be looking for in a leader?  What skills and competencies are important?

For those of you who are not long-time readers of this site, I am a HUGE fan of the NFL Draft.  As I watched two recent ESPN specials previewing next week’s event, I captured numerous insights into what qualities teams are looking for and what makes certain players in high-demand.

As you read the list below, you will notice the lessons provide a good template into what to look for in a leader in your organization.

ESPN PreDraft Special – April 13th

  • You Must Have The Basic Core Competencies To Be Considered For A Leadership Position – “You never go wrong taking heigh, weight and speed.” – Phil Savage

ESPN You Got Mel (Kiper) And You Got Todd (McShay) PreDraft Special – April 18th

  1. Great Leaders Have Great Production – “Derek Barnett’s production has been ridiculous…Some guys have a great instinct at getting home and finishing.” – Todd McShay
  2. Leaders Must Say “Yes” To What They Are Good At And “No” To What They are Less Effective At – “His versatility is what hurt him.” – Mel Kiper on Jabrill Peppers
  3. The Best Leaders Are Both Proactive And Reactive – “He is a great proactive athlete.  He is not a great reactive athlete.  He needs the ball in his hands.” – McShay on Peppers
  4. Great Leaders Must Deal With Great Expectations – “All of them have talent..but I think a pick in the Top 10 there’s expectations there that are unreasonable.” – McShay on quarterbacks Mitchell Trubisky and DeShaun Watson
  5. The Best Indicator Of Future Performance Is Past Performance – “You are rolling the dice that with one year of experience, one year of production, Trubisky is your franchise quarterback.” – Kiper
  6. Great Leaders Know How To Properly Evaluate And Not Over-Reach For Talent – “You don’t want the 11th best player when you’re picking at 9.” – Kiper
  7. Great Leaders Need A Great Team Around Them To Have Great Success – “You’ve got to put guys around (quarterback) Blake Bortles to give him a chance to succeed.” – McShay
  8. A Leader’s Greatest Ability Is Their Availability – “Durability, what are you getting is a little concerning.” – McShay on Corey Davis
  9. Good Character Does Not Make You A Leader But Poor Character Disqualifies You As A Leader – “What point do you want to take a chance on a guy with baggage?” – McShay
  10. Great Leaders Are Great Decision-Makers – “The two most important attributes to being a quarterback is decision making and accuracy.” – McShay
  11. Great Leaders Have Great Intelligence – “(Houston Texans head coach) Bill O’Brien puts a lot of emphasis on picking up things quickly.” – McShay
  12. Great Leaders Create Great Cultures – “It’s not where you go in the draft, it’s the team and surroundings and the time you need to develop.” – McShay
  13. Smart Leaders Trust Their Eyes More Than Their Ears – “I thought his tape was as good as any running back I saw.” – McShay on Dalvin Cook

What did you learn from these quotes which helps you in selecting a leader?


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