SUCCESS Magazine is putting on a live online leadership conference today.  I had the privilege of listening to a backstage interview from the event.  I want to share those thoughts with you.  The following are 40 Leadership Quotes From Bishop T.D. Jakes From SUCCESS Live:

  1. If you are in a downturn, throw off all excess weight and express pressure. Lighten your load.
  2. Don’t give a lot of energy to where you are. Give your energy to where you are going.
  3. Don’t take the bad news too seriously.
  4. You don’t want to run from problems. Businesses only became great because they solved the problem.
  5. We really don’t spend a lot of time with your spouse. If you can get along with people rather than changing them, you can be successful.
  6. You can’t live we people you don’t understand.
  7. You can’t make ME your goal.
  8. You cannot get acceptance if you do not give acceptance.
  9. Your ability to adapt to changing seasons has a lot to do with whether you are successful publically and privately.
  10. I have always been who I am. I have not always had the stage I have. Your stage just gives you a bigger platform to express who you are.
  11. What you do and who you are is two different things.
  12. Never allow what you do to consume who you are.
  13. Stages were not designed to explore who you are.
  14. You don’t feel worthy you will self-sabotage opportunity.
  15. Your IQ can take you somewhere where your EQ cannot handle it.
  16. You want your self-esteem to come from your core values.
  17. Anything that can be washed away, you don’t want to build on it.
  18. You’re the CEO of you.
  19. Whatever you starve will scream because of what you did not give it.
  20. I think fear is great.
  21. I use fear to invigorate me.
  22. Humility is healthy.
  23. Everything I’ve ever done worth doing I was scared while I did it.
  24. There is something that comes out of me when you challenge me.
  25. How can you have a victory if you didn’t fight something you were scared of?
  26. Babies can’t walk without tripping. We can’t learn without losing.
  27. I don’t what has helped me the most – my faith in God or His faith in me?
  28. I determine my intent by what impassions me. I follow my heart. My heart is for the next generation. I want to be their coach and friend.
  29. Sometimes we give children everything except what made us – Struggle.
  30. We live in a society that only values the pretty part. The real richness is in the process.
  31. They did not see our story. They only saw our glory.
  32. Your glory is in your story. Your power is in your pain.
  33. There is nothing more important than the people you put around you.
  34. The team is the infrastructure that holds up your dream.
  35. My wife who is with me now was also my wife when my lights were (turned) off.
  36. If you only have a cup of gas to pour into anything, pour it into your team.
  37. In choosing your team, do not choose people like you. People like you will compete with you.
  38. My parents set the goals for my life.
  39. There is nothing that makes you value life like being raised by somebody dying.
  40. It is not as important what we leave to people as what we live in them.

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