Injoy Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend this amazing event as a way to invest in your growth.  They also want to invest in your leadership by offering you our latest FREE ebook How To Raise Big Money For Big Projects by clicking HERE for your complimentary copy.
My favorite session today was Carey Nieuwhof’s unbelievable session on pastors and their fight with cynicism.  Just in case you are not familiar with Carey, he is the Lead Pastor of Connexus Church–a growing multi-campus church north of Toronto and strategic partner of North Point Ministries. Carey writes one of the most widely read Christian leadership blogs today at and hosts the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast.The following are 20 leadership quotes from this life-changing session:

  1. If you go down, everyone gets hurt.
  2. I was the guy who sent people to counseling.  I didn’t get counseling.
  3. I didn’t start out to be in ministry.  I started out to be a lawyer.
  4. I discovered lawyers were not particularly happy people.
  5. You can have a church with well-behaved senior adults or you can have kids.
  6. Cynicism doesn’t happen because you don’t care.  It starts because you did.
  7. I think all of us started out caring but we grow cynical.
  8. Cynicism starts because you know too much.
  9. The more you know the more cynical you get.
  10. Unchecked, knowledge brings sorrow.
  11. The hurt of your past pronounces a death sentence on your future.  You allow past failures to be projected on future successes.
  12. The hurt of your past pronounces a death sentence on your future unless you check it.  You stop trusting, stop hoping, (and) stop believing.
  13. There are no balanced old people.
  14. Most old people don’t have good days and bad days.  They either have a good life or a bad life.
  15. Cynicism is a choice.  Life actually doesn’t make you cynical.  You make you cynical.
  16. The antidote to cynicism – Cynicism melts under the relentless hope of the Gospel.
  17. The best antidote to cynicism is curiosity.  The cynical is never curious.  The curious are never cynical.
  18. Cynics never ask questions.
  19. Curiosity is a discipline.  You can learn it.
  20. Believe again, hope again, trust again and cynicism doesn’t stand a chance.

Keep checking back on Friday for live posts from Orange.

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