The following is a live blog from the ReThink Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA.  ReThink, open exclusively to senior pastors, campus pastors and executive pastors, is a unique gathering of church leaders who are committed to solving the biggest challenges facing your church and the Church.

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Today’s final speaker was the event’s host Jon Acuff.  Prior to Jon speaking, we also got thoughts from Carlos Whitaker and Ryan Leak.  Combined, the following are 34 leadership quotes from this sessions.

Carlos Whitaker

  1. It is so easy to confuse leading out of a place of pain rather than a place of promise.
  2. When we memorize the miracles we see the goodness of God.
  3. We must rest to receive.
  4. Hustle is one of the most dangerous things we can do.
  5. We are going so fast, so loud we are missing what God is saying.
  6. Stillness is the loudest thing many of us can hear.
  7. The Truth is a weapon.
  8. Social media is not real. It’s edited. It’s produced.
  9. We must risk in order to rescue.

Ryan Leak

  1. The time you spend with Jesus outside of ministry prep is huge. When you do so much ministry you can lose time with the Lord that can’t be used later.
  2. You can be hurting and following Jesus at the same time. You can be angry with God and love Him at the same time.
  3. Social media is a means to help people.
  4. People come to church and leave the church for the exact same reason. They come for the preaching. They leave for the preaching. They come for the music. They leave for the music.
  5. We are afraid to not look like Superman.

Jon Acuff

  1. If you are a high performance leader, you are likely a high anxiety leader.
  2. Your church will not always ascend.
  3. Remember, you don’t control the miracle.
  4. You don’t control if your church is successful.
  5. God controls the miracle.
  6. When you believe you control the miracle, you amplify the wrong things.
  7. Only worry about real things.
  8. Don’t read into things other people have said.
  9. I can’t try to prevent failure that hasn’t happened yet.
  10. Keep smarter worry hours. The way my brain works is I do my best worrying at 2 A.M.
  11. The worst thing you can do before you go to bed is review your email.
  12. You don’t get smarter the later you stay up.
  13. Never go it alone. You weren’t meant to do leadership alone.
  14. Less talented leaders than you are going to be more successful.
  15. Hate you hide turns into poison.
  16. You need people who like you…even the worst of you.
  17. When you carry it alone you start to believe the lie.
  18. Exercise like your life depends on it.
  19. To be a complete leader you need to do something that’s fun and part of my leadership.
  20. The bigger stuff gets the bigger the stress gets.

Tomorrow is Day 3 from Orange.

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