Today I will be live blogging from the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Orange is the most innovative and relevant deliver of age-appropriate Christian content.  And they also put on an absolutely amazing conference.

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This next session was conducted by Kara Powell and Bob Goff.  Kara Powell is the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary.  She was named by Christianity Today as one of “50 Women to Watch”.  Bob is the founder and president of Restore International, a non-profit organization established to address the atrocities and injustices committed against children.

If you missed Kara’s ReThink Leadership session, click HERE.  If you missed Bob’s ReThink Leadership session, click HERE.

Nicole Fulgham Baker – founder and president of The Expectations Project

  1. 95% of the kids in America go to public schools.
  2. 17 million of our kids in America are living in poverty.
  3. If we’re going to be good neighbors we have to be for our public schools. – Reggie Joiner
  4. A lot of the way a child finds their purpose happens in school.
  5. The problems in our schools are greatly manageable. But if the church doesn’t do this, who does? – RJ

Kara Powell

  1. Our church is becoming more ethnically diverse. We are starting to look like our neighborhood.
  2. Nothing about Jesus’s life, death and message was comfortable.
  3. The Gospel has cost not comfort.
  4. How do our up-front leaders reflect our neighborhood?
  5. ‘We have feminized childrens ministry and masculinized student ministry.’ – Reggie Joiner
  6. How do we help our neighborhood feel like insiders, not outsiders?
  7. How do we become the best church for the neighborhood? How do the neighborhood’s cares and concerns become ours?
  8. Young people were twice as likely to highlight diversity as something they love about their church as the leaders were.

Bob Goff

  1. There’s a big difference between getting shot at and loved on.
  2. Jesus leads people to Jesus. We just love everybody always…and start with people who creep you out.
  3. I’m not trying to be right anymore. I’m trying to be Jesus.
  4. Following Jesus means living a life where you’re constantly misunderstood.
  5. You’ll see more hope in people the more you’re looking for it.
  6. Look for Christ in people.
  7. I’ve spent my whole life avoiding the people Jesus engaged.
  8. We end up trying to make ourselves the victim or hero in every story.
  9. Don’t just invite people to church anymore. Welcome them when they get there.
  10. If you want to see more of your faith, make it simple.
  11. Make your faith easy and people will see more of Jesus.
  12. Your faith and mine are the sum of everything we’re hanging onto and everything we’re willing to let go of.
  13. If it matters more what your faith looks like than what it actually is, then it’s time to start over.
  14. If you’re not hearing the word ‘Beloved’ spoken over your shoulder right now, that’s not Jesus talking.
  15. Your Oval Office is a 30-foot circle around you.
  16. Fail trying. Don’t fail watching.
  17. If following Jesus doesn’t lead you to hurting, lonely people, then you’re not following Jesus.
  18. We don’t have to send archers to the tower to protect baby Jesus. Read Revelations. He’s got this thing.

What an incredible session!

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