Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  What Drucker and all successful leaders know is this – one of a leader’s primary responsibilities is being a culture architect.  You are responsible for creating the environment in which your people serve, play and work on a daily basis.  For the longevity and sustainability of a successful organization, culture really does eat strategy for breakfast.

Entrepreneur magazine recently named BELAY Solutions as the #1 Staff Culture in the United States.  Founded by co-CEOs Bryan and Shannon Miles, BELAY provides a full range of virtual services to businesses and local churches.  These included assistants, bookkeeping, web design, and writing assistance.  Many have long-felt BELAY was the absolute best in the industry and now they are rightfully being recognized on a national level as well.

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Recently, Bryan and Shannon appeared on the popular Thom Rainer On Leadership Podcast.  They discussed winning the award and what they are doing to create such a thriving workplace culture.  You can click HERE to listen to the entire interview.

Below are the four keys Bryan and Shannon say are necessary for thriving staff culture:

  1. Lead By Example
  2. Invest In Your Culture
  3. Share Common Values
  4. Focus On The People

The following are 17 additional Leadership Quotes from Bryan And Shannon I captured from the interview:

  1. “It’s our team.  It’s the people who are doing the job day-in and day-out, going through tough stuff who say this is the best place in America to work.” – SM
  2. “I am a testimony to the effectiveness, the efficiency and the outstanding service of BELAY.” – Rainer
  3. “You can’t ask others to do things you’re not willing to do as the leader.” – BM
  4. “As a leader, you can’t force or create a policy that you’re not willing to live and die by as well.” – BM
  5. “It’s a great way to enhance culture when you say, ‘I’m only asking you to do things I’m willing to do as well.'” – BM
  6. “We do some really expensive things and some really affordable things to invest in culture so I don’t the dollar amounts make all the difference.” – SM
  7. “We put a lot of money where our culture is.” – SM
  8. “It’s been a partnership since day one of our marriage.” – BM
  9. “It’s always been our intent to find great leaders and empower them.” – BM
  10. “We don’t always pretend we’re on the same page about everything…We want to model healthy conflict and resolution as a unified team.” – SM
  11. “You (BELAY) have a 99.3% retention rate.” – Rainer
  12. “Statistics are helpful because they show reality.” – SM
  13. “Not everyone carries the same vision that you carry.” – BM
  14. “Our culture orbits people out (who don’t belong) naturally and rather quickly.  That’s when you have evidence of a good culture is when they don’t stay around.” – BM
  15. “If you don’t identify with them (our core values) you don’t apply.” – SM
  16. “The six core values are God, Team, Passion, Gratitude, Vision, Fun.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”
  17. “We recognize the eternal impact of how we’re serving others and how we’re freeing up leaders.  Pastors especially get that time back.” – BM

What is one thing you learned about creating a healthy culture from Bryan and Shannon which will make you a better organization?


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