Today I am being dispatched by INJOY Stewardship Solutions to attend Leadercast Live.  In an effort to aid in my personal growth and better add value to pastors and church leaders, I will be live blogging throughout.  Leadercast Live is the world’s largest one-day leadership event, with more than 100,000 attendees at 700+ locations across 20 countries.  It is designed for those seeking inspiration and improvement in leadership, whether you attend as an individual or with a group.

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The day’s final speaker was Tyler Perry.  This man needs no introduction.  Tyler is a producer, director, screenwriter, actor and entrepreneur.  The following are 28 Leadership Quotes And Lessons from things he has experienced in life and finding his purpose:

  1. It’s very important to me that people speaks things into my life. As a leader I try to speak things into other people’s lives.
  2. Scripture teaches us we overcome things by the word of our testimony.
  3. I’m not the type of person that likes to give advice.
  4. When you see my name I was building a brand. It’s not about ego but building a brand. It’s about building recognition and support.
  5. I was the man that if I wanted something I went to work until I could get it.
  6. It’s hard to tell my story without talking about God.
  7. Sometimes when one thing doesn’t go right, people let their dreams die.
  8. It’s take a great leader to forgive when you’ve been done wrong.
  9. When I forgave my father, my soul was freed up and I became lighter.
  10. Just on the other side of all of my pain, I found my purpose.
  11. As a leader if you have no purpose, you’re a very expensive yacht with no rudder.
  12. We bought Fort McPherson and turned it into a movie studio with four sound stages with 400+ employees.
  13. Most days I’m the first one there and the last one to leave.
  14. I don’t know how to be a leader without being all-in. As a leader, you have to be all-in.
  15. As a leader it is important we carry correction in our heart but it is accompanied by compassion. Sometimes people just don’t know.
  16. Leaf-people provide shade but are there for a season.
  17. Branch people you can’t put some weight on them but they can break and leave you hanging.
  18. Root people are the foundation of your organization holding you up, holding up the organization. They don’t sway in the wind. It would take an act of God to move them. And if they do, they’re still connected to you.
  19. I’ve been so busy in the climb, looking down, working hard, I hadn’t celebrated what I had done.
  20. I may not be at the top of the mountain but taking I’m joy in how far I’m come.
  21. As leaders and children of God, we’ve been given successes and opportunities most people only dream about.
  22. Do you want to go higher?
  23. The scars and struggles you have to go through to get where you are, there’s an impact.
  24. The scars may be great but you can’t let them become a weight in your life.
  25. When God asked me if I wanted to go higher, I want to have said “Yes.”
  26. Never despise small beginnings.
  27. I said to President Obama, “What a great country that you can become president.” He said, “What a great country that you can become Tyler Perry.”
  28. Higher is waiting. Do you want to go higher?

What an amazing time of learning this has been.  Thank you Leadercast for putting on such a great event!  I can’t wait until next year.

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