Today I am being dispatched by INJOY Stewardship Solutions to attend Leadercast Live.  In an effort to aid in my personal growth and better add value to pastors and church leaders, I will be live blogging throughout.  Leadercast Live is the world’s largest one-day leadership event, with more than 100,000 attendees at 700+ locations across 20 countries.  It is designed for those seeking inspiration and improvement in leadership, whether you attend as an individual or with a group.

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The day’s next speaker was the incredible Donald Miller.  Donald is the highly popular and sought-after CEO of Storybrand.  The following are 40 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from his amazing session on making your customers the hero of your story:

  1. We help 3,000 businesses every year.
  2. Most companies waste an enormous amount of money on marketing. They can’t communicate their purpose clearly.
  3. What did Jeb Bush want to do with America? No clue.
  4. What does Donald Trump want to do with America? Make America great again. Who’s the president?
  5. People don’t necessarily buy the best products and services. They buy the ones they can understand the fastest.
  6. People don’t follow the best leaders. They follow the ones who communicate the best.
  7. People buy things because they hear the words that make them want to buy things.
  8. Human brains are always trying to do two things – it’s trying to survive and thrive. The human brain is designed to keep you alive.
  9. Unless you can communicate how you can help your customer survive and thrive, they’re not interested.
  10. You’re telling your story, not entering into their story. Your story doesn’t matter. Their story does.
  11. Your brain is trying to conserve calories.
  12. The average brain spends 30% of its time daydreaming. It’s a survival mechanism. It says, “I don’t need this information.”
  13. The brand that communicates the simplest is going to win.
  14. If you confuse, you’ll lose.
  15. If you clarify your message, customers will listen.
  16. Everybody pays attention when a story is told.
  17. The story hijacks the brain. Every brain speaks the power of story.
  18. Story is a sense making device. It helps your customer make sense of why you matter in their life.
  19. The first step is you have a character and the character wants something.
  20. Companies make a mistake because they’re too vague. You want to define it. Make it clear.
  21. Your company needs to be known for providing something.
  22. The second thing is there is a problem. There is no story without a problem.
  23. When you solve the problem the story is over.
  24. The problem is the story.
  25. The only reason anyone calls you is they have have a problem. Define what the problem is. It is the heart of the story.
  26. Heroes of stories can’t solve their own problems. They need a Guide.
  27. Never play the hero in the story. Play the guide. The role of leadership is to play the guide, not the hero.
  28. On your website, I don’t need to hear your story. I need to see my story.
  29. We love our heroes but in America, we choose guides not heroes. We want someone who can help us win.
  30. Position yourselves as a guide.
  31. A Guide wants to give the hero a plan so the hero can win the day.
  32. You then need to call your customers to action.
  33. The Buy Now button on your website must be the most important part of your website.
  34. When you’re passive, the customer hears that you don’t believe in your product.
  35. We want to give customers something to accept or reject.
  36. We then have to paint a picture of what life will be life with us. People move towards a picture of success.
  37. Lastly, we want them to know if you don’t do business with us, it might not go well.
  38. If your message is not coming from these messages, no one is listening.
  39. People like following leaders who are clear.
  40. People love clarity and detest confusion.

Session 2 is off to an amazing start!  Next up is Jess Eckstrom!

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