The must-watch above video is provided by Alan Stein, Jr, veteran basketball performance coach, corporate speaker, podcast host and social media influencer.  He has spent the past 15 years working with the highest performing athletes on the planet.

Back in 2007, he had the privilege of working the inaugural Kobe Bryant Skills Academy in Los Angeles.  While there, he spent a significant amount of time observing the legendary shooting guard of the Los Angeles Lakers.  At the time, Bryant was the game’s best player.

As I watched the video above detailing one of Bryant’s individual workouts, I gleaned 8 Reasons The Best In The World Are The Best In The World:

  1. They Know Being The Best In The World Is Always Temporary – Bryant was the best player in the world in 2007.  This was post-Michael Jordan and LeBron James was still ascending.  James, of course, would eventually surpass him and challenge Jordan as the GOAT.  The lesson for all leaders is there are always people wanting to take your place as the Apex Leader in your profession.  So be a good steward of your influence while you have it.
  2. The Very Best Listen More Than They Talk – When Stein attended Bryant’s workout he did not speak, he simply wanted to watch and learn.  We can learn much from this.  First, great leaders are continual learners.  This requires a great deal of humility because you are willing to admit you do not know everything.  Whenever you are around someone smarter or more talented than you, always just watch and learn.  Do not talk.  Listen.
  3. The Very Best Are Willing To Pay A Price Others Are Unwilling to Pay – Bryant scheduled his workout at 4:00 AM because it was the only time available.  Notice he was the only player in the gym.
  4. The Very Best Do The Lonely Work No One Sees. – They understand the value of the precious commodity called time.  They always arrive early.  Even though the workout was scheduled at the insane time of 4:00 AM, Bryant had already worked up a full sweat by 3:15 AM.  People who arrive to work on-time or worse yet, late, will never be the very best at what they do.
  5. The Very Best Work With Great Intensity – There is no sense of laziness or passivity to their efforts.  There is a great sense of urgency.  For more on Bryant’s workout habits, click 10 Prices Superstars Are Willing To Pay Others Are Not.
  6. The Very Best Place High Importance On That Which Bores Other People – Bryant’s workout consisted of basic footwork drills and offensive moves practiced by elementary students.  Stein was “bored out of his mind” with what Bryant work up early and broke a sweat for.
  7. The Very Best Practice With Razor-Sharp Precision – The very best do not waste repetitions and practice time.  Every rep is an opportunity to get better.  Repetitions allow you to develop muscle memory and create great habits.  Excellence is always a core value of the very best.
  8. The Very Best Love The Fundamentals.  They Love The Daily Grind Of Their Job. – Stein asked Bryant, “Your the best player in the world.  Why are you doing such basic drills?”  To which he responded, “Why do you think I’m the best player in the world?  I never, ever get bored with the basics.”  Drop the mic!

After watching the video above, there is really only one question which needs to be asked?  Do you perform the basics of your job with great intensity or are you bored with the fundamentals?  Your answer will likely determine your level of success.

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