On Tuesday I was speaking with a senior pastor of one of America’s leading Mega churches.  He said, “Brian, this year I am celebrating my 40th year in ministry.”  I then asked him about how he remained so faithful and had such a high level of integrity and excellence for such an extended period of time.  His answer is something all leaders need to hear.

He said, “Brian, one day at a time.  Everyday I pray, ‘Lord, give me this day my daily bread.’  I just do it one day at a time and then you all of sudden you look up and it’s been 40 years.  And it’s been a blast!”

We overestimate big moments and undervalue daily faithfulness.  Successful and sustainable leadership is accomplished one day at a time.  This week’s Top 10 list will help you be a better leader today.

Before getting to the Top 10, the following are some new posts you may have missed this week:

Now the following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of May 8th:

  1. Horizontal Hostility: What Is It, Why It Is Killing The Church, And How To Fix It by Rich Birch
  2. 3 Components That Come Together In An Effective Sermon by Brandon A. Cox via MinistryPass.com
  3. When I Allow Someone To Fail And When I Come To Rescue by Ron Edmondson
  4. The Ingredient That Moves A Teen From Mediocre To Excellent by Tim Elmore via GrowingLeaders.com
  5. The Worst Mistake I See Churches Make Using Facebook by Steve Fogg
  6. 4 Ways To Discern If A Pastor’s Child Should Be Their Successor by Sarah Newsome via Vanderbloemen.com
  7. 11 Signs You’re More Than Just Tired…You’re Burning Out by Carey Nieuwhof
  8. The Top 3 Inner Battles Of A Leader by Dan Reiland
  9. The Lonely Pastor: 6 Ways To Dig Out by Charles Stone
  10. 10 Questions Pastors Didn’t Have To Ask 10 Years Ago by Chris Vacher
  11. ***BONUS*** Her Title Is ‘Mommy,’ But Remember She’s Monica by Jeff Siniff via USA Today.  An absolute masterpiece this Mother’s Day!!!!

Well that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great articles did you read?


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