For my money, Chad Aukland is the finest church capital campaign consultant in America.  When you look at the amount of money being raised for ministry, the lives which are being transformed in his church partnerships, and the deep friendships he makes with pastors, God simply has his hand on this man.

Recently, Chad, who serves as the Director for Consulting for INJOY Stewardship Solutions, sat down with co-worker Matthew Garrison (who looks like a young Thor!) to provide intellectual capital that helps pastors and church leaders.  During their time together, Chad identified 5 Trends Of Churches Doing A Great Job At Raising Money.

You can click HERE to see their entire time together.  Below are the points along with supporting comments from Chad.

Those are not INJOY’s results.  Those results are because God is working on behalf of these ministries and showing the favor that only God can show them. – Chad’s opening statement.

  1.  When Churches Are Successful They’re Focusing On The Spiritual Journey
  • I need you to do three things – I need number one to connect with God.  Number two, I need you connect with Him in such a way that you hear from Him.  Third and the most difficult, I need you to obey.
  • Nothing great ever happened for God in Scripture apart from tremendous sacrifice.
  • It’s all about transformation.  It’s not about transaction.
  • Everything we do is rooted in a biblical blueprint found in I Chronicles 28 and 29.

2.  The Second Trend Is Unified And Committed Leadership

  • Our dream often outpaces our resources.
  • If the leaders are on board the crowd they’re leading will follow.
  • The vision communication starts with a small group of leaders.
  • If the leaders own the vision and we’re all unified and all asking ‘Why are we doing this’ and ‘Why are we doing this now?’
  • God honors unified leadership.

3.  They Have A Clear And Uniform Vision Casting

  • We look for three things in a vision.  Number one is that it is clear.  Secondly, it has to be crisp.  Your vision needs to be boiled down to a tweet able statement.  Thirdly, it’s got to be compelling.  It has to cause someone to want to move, be a part, and invest in that vision.
  • The capital campaign is helping us growing closer to the overall vision of the church.

4.  They Value Consulting

  • Deuteronomy is clear when it says, ‘One can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight.’  We’re stronger together.
  • It’s not an expert telling you what to do.  We partner together.
  • Solomon said, ‘The beginning of wisdom is to get wisdom.  Whatever it costs get wisdom.’
  • We do customized capital campaigns.
  • One of our core values is we value innovation.  Yesterday’s methods don’t always address today’s needs.
  • People are not looking to be out another night of the week.  We have to go to them.

5.  They Value And Utilize Data

  • Every church wants to know how much I can raise in a two-year or three-year capital campaign.
  • God is a God of order.  He’s not a God of chaos.
  • Numbers don’t lie.
  • You have to set a goal.  If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.
  • The Commitment Date is not the finish line.  It is the starting line.  You can’t spend a pledge card.
  • We’re seeing churches experience a 10-20% increase in the general fund while they’re doing a capital campaign.

As you can see, the content Chad is providing can be transformative to your church.  Click HERE to see the full interview.


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