I have been a Christian for 37 years.  Tonight was as fine an experience as I have ever had in Christian leadership.

A historical event is so rare that when it occurs, you cannot afford to miss it because it may never happen again.  That is how I felt when I heard Louie Giglio would be interviewing both Andy Stanley, and his father Dr. Charles Stanley, together on the Passion City Church stage during their 5:00 PM service.  These three men are among the most influential Christian leaders of my lifetime.  To have them all together on one stage was something I was not going to miss.  It exceeded all my exceptions !!!  

It was as if these three iconic leaders with approximately 50 years invested into their relationship pulled the curtain back and allowed us a look into their lives.  The love and respect these men have for each other was felt by everyone in the audience.  The interview contained countless moments of laughter.  They also discussed the following:

  • Dr. Stanley getting punched in the mouth during a business meeting.
  • Andy and Dr. Stanley’s relationship after his divorce.
  • Andy’s controversial stance on topics.
  • How Andy felt when Louie planted Passion City Church.

Once again, this was as impactful a leadership event as I have ever attended.

The following are 53 quotes from Andy Stanley And Dr. Charles Stanley During Their Interview With Louie Giglio At Passion City Church:

  1. “You can have your picture made with the guy Carrie Underwood wanted to have her picture made with.” – AS to his daughter
  2. “God, you can save this country if you multiply this.” – CS on his thoughts while opening Passion 2017 in the Georgia Dome
  3. “I’m Pentecostal.  I learned to pray on my knees.” – CS
  4. “I started preaching.  And things started happening.  And that was the start of a war.” – CS
  5. “You started preaching the Word of God.  You started preaching unapologetically and the building started filling up.” – LG
  6. “There was a man that punched you (Dr. Stanley) on the stage in the middle of a business meeting.” – LG
  7. “It made me understand the peril of leading a church…It made me understand the power of being true to God’s Word and what could happen.” – LG
  8. “A meeting was called to get rid of him (Dr. Stanley) and in that meeting, they actually elected him to become the senior pastor of the church.” – AS
  9. “As soon as he hit me, it was like the Lord said it was over.  Because it categorized them as being unable to behave themselves.” – CS
  10. “They (deacons) can be helpful but they must be Godly and you have to find Godly.” – CS
  11. “The emotional impact of that for us was that the church is worth fighting for.” – AS
  12. “When they left we just grew by leaps and bounds.” – CS
  13. “The church (before he arrived) was full but not full of God.” – LG
  14. “Andy and I got to watch that seed (390 people) turn into one of the most powerful movements of God in history and it’s still going because you’re not slowing down anytime soon.” – LG
  15. “Preach the Word of God.  Be faithful to the Word of God and your ministry will grow, your church will grow if you just stay faithful to the Word of God and we got a front row seat to see this.” – LG
  16. “Lots of time God has to prune things out of us and He has to prune out a church, whatever that is holding it back.” – CS
  17. “I’ve been there (First Baptist Atlanta) 45 years.” – CS
  18. “My story should give everyone hope…I was born in 1932.  My dad died when I was nine months old.” – CS
  19. “I’ve just watched God over a time provide every single, solitary need and without me trying to manipulate that.” – CS
  20. “Talk to God.  Trust Him.  Wait for Him to work.” – CS
  21. “I’ve had a wonderful life.  God has supplied all my needs.” – CS
  22. “If God tells you to run your head through a brick wall, run to the brick wall and God will make a hole in it.” – CS
  23. “Obey God.  Leave all the consequences to Him.” – CS
  24. “Just because there’s a headwind in your story doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track.  You might actually be on the right track.” – LG
  25. “Andy, you and I have seen what happens to fathers and sons who go through things like this.  Let’s not let that happen to us.” – CS to AS as they were working through their issues
  26. “He (Dr. Stanley) was so proactive and so intentional about our relationship.” – AS
  27. “I don’t want to leave this city because I don’t want to lose this relationship.  Proximity is everything in a relationship.” – AS when he considered leaving Atlanta
  28. “He (Dr. Stanley) is the hero in the relationship.  I will be forever, forever grateful for that” – AS
  29. “He’s been my biggest fan.  He brags about me.  He constantly tells me how proud he is of me.” – AS on CS
  30. “Every Sunday I had to look those people in the eye.  I couldn’t have two sides.  I love him, forgive him, no matter what.  Whatever it took, that’s what I would do.” – CS
  31. “I couldn’t be more proud of him and when I sit here between the two of you I feel like the king.  What other pastor can sit down with two of the young boys who went to his church and end up doing what you two have done?” – CS
  32. “Andy is still preaching the Gospel.  He’s doing it the way God wants him to do it.  And it’s working.  How could I ever criticize that?” – CS
  33. “It’s not the style of the music, it’s the spirit of the music.” – LG
  34. “God calls you to do different things different ways.” – CS
  35. “If you trust God, He can do what you can never figure out.” – CS
  36. “I’m not retiring.  It’s not scriptural.” – CS
  37. “You will remain young and useful as long as you’re planning for tomorrow.” – CS
  38. “Don’t give up your dreams.  If you do you’ll die early.” – CS
  39. “People are hungry.  They watch you on TV for years and they want to see if you’re real.” – CS
  40. “Everybody who listens is, I want someone’s life to change.  That’s what preaching is all about.” – CS
  41. “Our retention rate of the Saturday Night Live has ran anywhere from 60-80%.” – AS on his Your Move program
  42. “You (Andy) can be a lightening rod for controversy.” – LG
  43. “I do believe in God.” – AS
  44. “I’m related to a guy who likes a good fight.” – AS
  45. “Anything new creates momentum.  Even a bad thing.” – AS
  46. “My critics, all of them are Christians.” – AS
  47. “I really want to speak to what unchurched people are thinking and feeling.  I try to verbalize their thoughts and feelings.” – AS
  48. “As long as I don’t lose the audience I’m trying to reach I just kind of roll with the other group.  Eventually they find somebody else to pick on.” – AS
  49. “The difference between Andy and myself is he stirs it up.” – CS laughingly
  50. “Thank you for doing for me what your dad did for you.” – LG on Andy’s support when he planted Passion City Church
  51. “Thank you for believing in us.” – LG to AS
  52. “Sometimes it’s the least likely people God’s going to use for His Kingdom.” – LG
  53. “This generation of millennials, they’ve been so disappointed by the fathers.  Not just their fathers but the spiritual fathers that they’re jumping a generation and looking to the grandfathers who are 85 and still being faithful and still hanging in there and not given up on the calling of God in your life.  You’re still there.  You’re still following after God and I want to be a part of that.” – LG


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