On Monday evening June 12th, the Golden State Warriors won their second NBA championship in three seasons.  This team of leaders (Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Andre Igu0dala, etc..)  is led by their beloved head coach Steve Kerr.  Shown in the video above, Kerr’s easy-going manner and incredible sense of humor was on full display during his post-game interview on the championship podium.

In addition to his incredible people skills, Kerr has an impressive resume:

  • Three-time champion as a player with the Chicago Bulls
  • Two-time champion as a player with the San Antonio Spurs
  • Apprenticed under Spurs legendary head coach and good friend Gregg Popovich

I have previously written about Kerr in the articles 7 Qualities Of The Most Powerful Leaders and 16 Leadership Lessons From The Golden State Warriors.

Recently, the great basketball writer Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated wrote about Kerr in its May 29th edition, “You want to lead like Kerr?  Just be humble and grateful, curious and self-aware.  Communicate, value family and empower others.  When bad things pain, keep a broader perspective.  most of all, create something bigger than yourself, for as (social psychologist Dacher) Keltner points out, the rest test of a leader is what happens once they leave.”

The following are 10 Reasons Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr Is A Great Leader I gleaned from Ballard’s article:

  1. Great Leaders Are Humble.  They deflect credit and give it to others.
  2. Great Leaders Are Grateful.  They have a thankful spirit.
  3. Great Leaders Are Curious.  They are continual learners.
  4. Great Leaders Are Self-Aware.  They know how they are perceived by others.
  5. Great Leaders Are Great Communicators.  Leadership comes with a microphone and they have worked hard to develop this skill.
  6. Great Leaders Value Family.  Sports will teach you everything about conditional love.  Family should teach you everything about unconditional love.
  7. Great Leaders Empower Others.  They trust their team.
  8. Great Leaders Keep A Broad Perspective When Things Go Bad.  They see the big picture and take a long-term view of things.
  9. Great Leaders Create Something Bigger Than Themselves.  They are not the story.  Rather, they are part of a bigger story.
  10. Great Leaders Create Something That Operates Effectively After They Leave.  They build a lasting organization.

What is something you learned from Kerr which will make you a better leader?


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