Last week I had the privilege of investing in a wonderful group of multi-site church pastors and coach them on best practices for raising money in a multi-site church environment.  I wanted to make this content available to you.

As you read the content you will see much about discipling financial leaders.  If you want more information on this subject, I will be teaching a FREE live webinar this Thursday, June 22nd at 2:00 PM EST entitled How To Lead Financial High Capacity Givers.  Click HERE to sign up.  It would be great to have this community as part of the audience.

Now as promised, the following are 15 Best Practices For Raising Money In A Multi-Site Church Environment:

High-Level Differences In Raising Money For A Multi-Site Church vs. A Single Campus Church

  1. Raising money in a capital campaign looks different for a multi-site church because it is all about missions.  Individual campuses are your Judea and Samaria when viewing it through the lens of the Great Commission.
  2. You must build a “We are One Church with Many Locations” DNA from the beginning.  You want to reach as many people as possible for Jesus Christ and multi-site is your method for doing so.
  3. I recommend when raising funds for another campus in another part of town, that 10% of resources from each individual campus go directly to that campus for items such as renovations, expansion to the children’s area, parking, or a community initiative to serve the poor and under-resourced.  In other words, there is something in it for them.

The Roles Of The Senior Pastor And Campus Pastor(s)

  1. To effectively raise money in a multi-site environment, you need a strong senior pastor who is also a great communicator.
  2. The senior pastor must be a strong leader of the campus pastors and overall staff.
  3. The toughest people to lead in any capital campaign are the staff.  This is because they already feel over-worked and under-paid.
  4. The senior pastor must communicate, “This is what we’re doing” and “This is why we are doing it now.”
  5. The senior pastor must call the campus pastor(s) and overall staff to great commitment and great sacrifice.
  6. The senior pastor must tell the campus pastor(s), “The reason your campus exists is because a group of people had a vision for this campus and this part of our community and they were willing to sacrifice for it.  Because of their vision and sacrifice, you have a job.  I need you to lead in a similar fashion for another part of our community.”
  7. The campus pastor(s) is the linchpin of the campaign’s success.  His level of commitment will determine the level of commitment for the entire campus audience.  So goes the leader, so goes the people.
  8. A senior pastor should visit each campus during a capital campaign.  This could be a weekend or weekday event.  When they do, the campus pastor must protect their schedule and who they spend time with.

Common Mistakes Multi-Site Churches Make When Raising Money

  1. Senior pastors not empowering or trusting the campus pastors…particularly with financial leaders.
  2. Campus pastors not knowing who their financial leaders are; not developing relationships with their campus’s financial leaders; and not discipling their campus’s financial leaders.  Once again, to hear me provide FREE teaching on a biblically honoring way to do this, click HERE to sign up for Thursday’s session.
  3. A lack of stewardship education and personal finance training for families at individual campuses.
  4. The don’t celebrate local wins enough.  There is only one way to communicate life change poorly – to not do it.

If you are part of a multi-site church and need a capital campaign, contact me here and tell me your story.  I would be glad to then follow up and serve you in any way possible.


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