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Can’t find the right person for your team? Frustrated with a lack of local talent? Need less than a full-time person? Tried the virtual thing overseas with a horrific result?

You are not alone.

Today’s business climate demands – especially in the area of staffing – agility.

Finding the right person is an overwhelming hurdle that some organizations choose not to attempt and other organizations must endure hoping to find the right fit.

The good news is that new approaches to staffing are emerging to help businesses connect with the right person, minimize risk, save time, and ultimately move you closer to accomplishing your objectives.

It starts with focusing on the results you want to accomplish rather than worrying about the seats that need to be filled.

Discover nine reasons to rethink your approach to staffing with Bryan Miles and review four additional case studies at the end to reconsider your approach to staffing!  Click HERE or on the images provided to get your FREE Ebook now.

Click The Image To Receive Your FREE Ebook!!!

Entrepreneur magazine recently named BELAY Solutions as the #1 Staff Culture in the United States.  Founded by co-CEOs Bryan and his wife Shannon, BELAY provides a full range of virtual services to businesses and local churches including assistants, bookkeeping, web design, and writing assistance.

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