I spent some time this weekend analyzing 2017’s championship teams.  My findings were very surprising.  My study shows to be a champion requires operating with a unique approach and mindset.  This makes complete sense because if you want results no one else is getting, you cannot do what everyone else is doing.

So in an effort to help you get results no one else is getting in your industry, the following are 15 (Often Surprising) Facts About 2017’s Best Teams And Leaders:

Super Bowl champion New England Patriots – February 13th

  • Champions Have Fanatical Discipline – Owner Robert Kraft said of iconic quarterback Tom Brady, “His life, his career, the meticulous schedule – that’s all process, and the process is what sustains him.”
  • Champions Must Have Foresight AND Insight – Former team assistant Charlie Weis said of head coach Bill Belichick, “He’s easily the best ever at melding the two most important qualities of a coach: foresight and insight.”

NCAA Men’s Basketball champion North Carolina Tar Heels – April 10th

  • Champions Never Have To Recover From A Good Start – Head coach Roy Williams said, “Most of the time, if it (the game) starts out ugly, it’s going to be ugly.”

NCAA Women’s Basketball champion South Caroline Gamecocks – April 10th

  • It Takes A Champion To Inspire Another Champion – Star center A’ja Wilson said, “I wanted to be like LeBron James and bring one home.  The state has done so much for me, and I can’t even put into words what it’s like when you have done something for your state.  I am honored to wear these words [SOUTH CAROLINA] across my chest.”

Masters champion Sergio Garcia – April 17th

  • Champions Many Times Do Not Believe In Themselves – Future father-in-law Marty Adkins said, “I tell him (Garcia) all the time he’s the greatest golfer in the world because that’s what I believe.  As soon as he believes it, the results will show it.”
  • A Champion’s Mind Is Often Very Fragile – Legendary golfer Bobby Jones once said, “The main difficulty by a strong breeze arises from its effect upon the mind of the player.”
  • Champions Need Luck – Jones added, “Whatever may be a player’s skill, he must have luck to win a championship of any kind; golf is still a game rather than a science, and a game it is likely to remain.”
  • Jones continues, “No virtue in this world is so often rewarded as perseverance.”  Garcia would agree.  He finally won his first major in his 74th attempt.

World Series champion Chicago Cubs – May 8th

  • Champions Are Often Insecure And Need Reassurance – Facing a time of uncertainty while he was injured, team president of baseball operations Theo Epstein told Kyle Schwarber, “There’s no way we trade you, all right?  You got hurt as a Cub.  You’re rehabbing as a Cub.  You’re going to come back and drop a homer on someone on Opening Day next as a Cub. You’re a huge part of this team.  You’re coming back.  Just wanted to tell you that.”
  • Temporary Inconvenience Results In Permanent Improvement – Cubs manager Joe Maddon told Schwarber during rehab, “Temporary inconvenience, permanent improvement.  Don’t go nuts.”

NBA Champion Golden State Warriors – June 19th

  • If You Want To Be A Championship Team, Get The Right Leader(s) – After being asked by Draymond Green to join the team, Kevin Durant tweeted back, “I’m ready.  Let’s do this.”

Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins – June 19th

  • Champions Know How Difficult It Is To Achieve Greatness – The team’s captain Sidney Crosby said, “We talked about it all year, but it was such a steep climb to get here.”
  • Champions Learn By Studying Previous Champions – One of the all-time greats, Crosby devoured the autobiography of Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman at a young age.  His agent Pat Brisson said, “A constant student of his environment…He was studying his role by looking up to the top.”
  • Champions Often Push The Boundaries Of What Is Acceptable – Crosby punishment of Nashville’s P.K. Subban during the Stanley Cup finals was surprisingly violent.

U.S. Open Golf – June 26th

  • Champions Often Have A HUGE Chip On Their Shoulder – Swing coach Claude Harmon said, “He’s never had the acclaim of a Justin Thomas or a Rickie Fowler.  It gives Brooks (Koepka) a little chip on his shoulder.”

What is one thing you learned from this list which will make you a better leader?


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