Leadership is influence.  As a result, leaders have a disproportionate ability to impact a person’s life in either a positive or negative way.  A great leader can make us think we can accomplish anything.  Bad leaders can destroy our confidence and self-image.

I thought about this watching the video above.  In the movie For The Love Of The Game, Kevin Costner plays Billy Chapel, a 40-year-old pitcher playing his last game.  As each inning passes, Chapel reflects on his life and struggles with how empty it is despite his fame and fortune.

At the start of the 8th inning, catcher Gus Sinski, played by John C. Reilly, gives Chapel the pep talk he needs to finish the game strong.  Their encounter reveals 7 Facts About The Incredible Impact Leaders Have On Others:

  1. Many Leaders Have No Comprehension Of The Level Of Impact They Are Having On Others – Chapel asks Sinski, “Has anybody been on base?”
  2. Great Leaders Impact Others By Giving Their Teams Experiences They Would Otherwise Never Have Had – Referring to catching a perfect game, Sinski says, “Chapy, I never have (seen anything like this.”
  3. Great Leaders Often Experience Great Doubt – Facing exhaustion, Chapel admitted, “I don’t know if I have anything left.”
  4. Great Leaders Not Only Need A Great Team Around Them To Be Successful, They Need A Great Team With Great Loyalty – Sinski comforted Chapel by reminding him, “The boys are all here for you.  We’ll back you up.  We’ll be there.”
  5. Great Leaders Impact Others By Giving You A Picture Of What You Can Be  – “Billy, we don’t stink right now.  We’re the best team in baseball right now, right this minute because of you.  You’re the reason”
  6. Great Leaders Impact Others By Giving People The Confidence They Can Accomplish Anything – Sinski declared, “We’re not going to screw that up.  We’re going to be awesome for you.”
  7. Smart Leaders Impact Others By Doing What Only They Can Do – Sinski’s final words were, “Just throw.”

Of course, Chapel gets the last six outs, throws a perfect game, and gets the girl.  May these seven lessons help you also do something perfect today!


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