Today I will be live blogging from the InCite 2017 Conference in Durham, NC.  InCite is about equipping you, whether a church or marketplace Leader, to lead without limits!

Injoy Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend this amazing event as a way to invest in your growth.  They also want to invest in your leadership by offering you our latest FREE ebook Breaking The Next Growth Barrier: 10 Things Pastors Can Do To Break Down Growth Barriers by clicking HERE for your complimentary copy.

The morning’s final speaker was Perry Noble.  Perry is the founder and CEO of The Growth Company, an organization that is devoted to the success of other people.  He has also become a very good friend.

The following are 40 leadership quotes I captured from Perry’s very transparent session:

  1. I grew up in a Wesleyan church. They were saved.  Just mad about it.
  2. Before you build a multi-cultural ministry you have to be a multi-cultural person.
  3. One of the things I’m seeing in the church is a leader not executing the decision that needs to be made.
  4. When it comes to creativity, Disney has a mouse. We have the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit trumps the mouse every single time.
  5. It’s not vision that’s missing in the church.
  6. Ideas are crap. It’s execution that matters.  Jesus will not say, “Well thought.”  He will say, “Well done.”
  7. I don’t camp. I worked too hard to pretend to be homeless.
  8. When a person in a wartime situation seeks comfort more than obedience, that person will cease to be effective.
  9. Millennials leaving the church. What an opportunity for the church to make some changes and execute on reaching an unreached people group in our own backyard.
  10. God has never called the church to a fair fight. He will always set it up so He will get the glory.
  11. If the leader lives in fear, so will the people he or she leads.
  12. I believe in the power of prayer. But I also believe in perspiration.  Many church leaders are replacing hard work with prayer.  Did Noah pray the ark into existence?
  13. You didn’t qualify me and you can’t unqualify me.
  14. I’m not sure I want the Pharisees affirming my ministry.
  15. Thank God for women in the ministry. If it wouldn’t have been for the women we wouldn’t known the tomb was empty.
  16. If you want to do something that’s great, you got to be willing to handle the hate.
  17. Don’t let people on social media who have digital courage affect what God has called you to do.
  18. Don’t you love it when people who won’t do something tell you you can’t do something?
  19. If you haven’t done something, I don’t have to listen to your theory.
  20. The church is the only one dumb enough to buy books from people who haven’t done anything.
  21. Have you ever thought insecure parents are the ones who gave millennials 8th place trophies?
  22. If you’re going to reach millennials, you have to reach them on their phone.
  23. If you’re considering suicide, you need to be willing to ask for help.
  24. One of the biggest lies people say from the stage is, “All I need is Jesus.” Why did Jesus surround himself with community?
  25. Sometimes your presence is actually better than prayer.
  26. Jesus did not stand in Heaven and pray for us. He humbled Himself and came down to us.
  27. Here’s what you need to know about your pastor. He or she is really messed up.
  28. I drank too much and got fired. If I would have put on 75 lbs no one would have said a word.
  29. If a pastor is struggling, bring in an expert in that area, professional help.
  30. If I could do one thing over, I would have asked for help a lot sooner.
  31. I’m not mad at anybody.
  32. I did not meet one bad person in rehab. I just met good people who made bad decisions.
  33. In rehab God allowed me to recapture my pastor’s heart.
  34. If people follow Jesus long enough, eventually they will walk away from sin.
  35. There’s something great God is still doing in me.
  36. The best way I can serve the local church is to actually build one. I will be back in local church ministry one day.
  37. Instead of course correcting I celebrate doing the next right thing.
  38. What I know about people with arms folded (in disgust) is they have no lost friends.
  39. Alcohol is a truth serum. Let them have two drinks and ask them why they don’t go to church.
  40. Church people need to quit expecting unchurched people to live Godly lives.


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